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EU to Pull Out of UN in Kosovo

04 April 2008 Pristina _ Even though the United Nations Mission in Kosovo, UNMIK, is still awaiting instructions from New York, its European Union Pillar will end its functions by the end of June, officials said on Friday.
EU Liberals Back Visa-Free Regime

26 March 2008 Pristina _ The Liberal Party in the European Parliament will back moves to allow all citizens of the Western Balkans to access the EU without visas, a delegation visiting Kosovo said Tuesday.
Skrobic: Trial to commence on May 9

07 April 2008 The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina says the presenting of evidence against Marko Skrobic will last one day.

Justice Report

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Croatia & Albania Invited Into NATO

Jaap De Hoop Scheffer
Jaap De Hoop Scheffer
03 April 2008 Bucharest_ Albania and Croatia have been officially invited to start accession talks with NATO, the alliance’s Secretary General announced.

"The countries who join us can be rightly proud of the reform work they have done,” Jaap de Hoop Scheffer said as he opened the special session to which leaders from Tirana and Zagreb were invited.

“Your admission to the alliance will enhance NATO," he added.

The invitations will see the start of accession talks for Albania and Croatia’s full membership of NATO.

United States President George Bush said both nations “have demonstrated the ability and willingness to provide strong and enduring contributions to NATO."

"Albania and Croatia are ready for the responsibilities that NATO brings," Bush added.

Albanian leaders said the NATO decision as a historic one.

“This is the most important decision in the history of Albanian people,” President Bamir Topi proclaimed. “With this decision we are definitely separated from Yalta,” he said, referring to the 1945 summit during the Second World War where it is alleged Soviet, British and American leaders agreed to carve Europe into respective spheres of influence. Albania came under the Soviet communist sphere.

“You made a historic decision today to invite Albania to become a member of the most successful political and military alliance time has ever known,” said Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha.

“Your noble decision here in Bucharest opens an era of secure freedom and secure future,” he added.
Leaders from Zagreb also welcomed the decision to invite Croatia to join NATO.

“This is a very important decision not only for NATO and Croatia but also for the whole region of southeast Europe,” Stjepan Mesic, Croatian President said.

“NATO is making history by taking the lead,” added Croatian Prime Minister Ivo Sanader.

“This new round of enlargement marks a significant step in the strategy of the region,” he claimed.

Ratification in the parliaments of all NATO member states of extending membership to Albania and Croatia will begin from Thursday.

Although the procedure takes approximately 18 months, NATO officials are hoping that member countries will accelerate ratification in national parliaments so both Albania and Croatia can become full members by the beginning of 2009, and participate as the 27th and 28th NATO members at the alliance’s summit, in April next year.

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