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Why I ran for elective office:

First, an explanation and criticism of the 2007 special election. My Father’s decision to retire early (that we agreed upon as a family) was not a great political maneuver but for him personally, from a Son’s perspective, it was the best thing he ever did. Time will judge that my Father, Peppi, was an amazing legislator that passed pivotal legislation that reformed the election laws, hardened ethics legislation and that he fought tirelessly for the constituents of District 94.

My brother Jeb ran for office because he wanted to help District 94, time will judge that he was the leader of Lakeview that brought about the genesis of a recovery, for which he should be commended. My decision to run was based upon my belief that I could lead District 94 with innovative solutions to the many challenges we faced and continue to face. I believe that had an early retirement not occurred and a special election had not taken place I would not have been judged on voter angst against continuation of a perceived political dynasty but on the policies and solutions I put forth. For those that know me I am a standalone man, this race to me was not about a last name but about leading a recovery of a district destroyed by Katrina.

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