What Comes Next?





So, the first phase of bringing back ReBoot has come to an end - judging from the tremendous response we had at FanExpo, there seems to be some interest in what comes next.  We'll post the answers to the most common questions on this page.


If you still have an unanswered question or a particular bone to pick, post it to the Forum and we'll answer it directly.



Q:        Will Zeros 2 Heroes continue to maintain this site?

A:        We'll keep it going as long you folks keep coming.


 This past month has been only the first big step in bringing back ReBoot.  Thanks to all of your energy and activity, Rainmaker Entertainment is well on it's way to breathing life back into your favorite show.  Their execs will continue to monitor this site as we move into the next phase, so we hope you'll keep coming back and keeping it relevant.  We've got some great momentum now and it would be a shame if it started to dissipate.


Q:        How can I stay involved?

A:        By helping us out with the webcomic.


Our next challenge is to bring the winning pitch to life through the creation of the webcomic.  We like to keep things open and will be giving you folks "behind the scenes" access as we bring the comic to life.  As before, your clicks count so don't be shy about telling us what works and what sucks.  


But then again, you were never a shy crowd.  ;-)


Q:        What will happen with webcomic?

A:        It's the next tool to bring ReBoot to a wider audience.


Building even more excitement around ReBoot is key to getting a development deal in place for the three proposed films.  The webcomic is a vivid tool to expose the world, characters and crises that have made ReBoot great.  Zeros 2 Heroes will appoint an editor to work with the winning writer in crafting the script.  The winning artist will provide art direction to the team made up of fans who submitted art. 


In the event that we're missing a certain area of expertise (lettering, for example), Zeros 2 Heroes may bring in a professional artist.  What matters most to us (and to Rainmaker) is that the finished comic be top-quality.


Q:        When can we expect to see the films?

A:        If all goes well, early 2009.


Originally, Rainmaker Entertainment had some hopes of a late 2008 release but this may not be possible.  2009 seems more realistic, but the good news is that the complete trilogy could be brought to market relatively quickly due to improved production processes.  Stay tuned: we'll post more news here as we get it.


Q:        Will I be able to buy a DVD set of the original series?

A:        We hope so.


This is an area of real interest to Rainmaker Entertainment, but - like everything else - it's a little complicated.  In this case, it's the rights issues that need to be resolved and that can be a somewhat thorny path.


The resurgence of interest in ReBoot, led by those of you who have been active on this site, does a LOT to bring a new DVD set closer to reality.  Stay with us and we'll keep you informed of any new developments.  You'll hear it here first.


Q:        Will Gavin and the gang be involved in the new films?

A:        Too early to tell.


But we all hope so.  Again, the entertainment industry can be thorny and scheduling a real nightmare but there have been some recent talks between Paul Gertz and Gavin that have been quite positive.  Again, we'll keep you informed of any new developments.






Q:        Will the new films be based on these pitches?

A:        Not necessarily.


At this stage Rainmaker wants to hear fan reaction and feedback to the five pitches and their subsequent revisions. The winning pitch will be made into a webcomic that will be published on Zeros 2 Heroes.  Rainmaker will then monitor feedback on the comic before moving into film development. 


Q:         Can I tell you what’s awesome and what sucks?

A:        Yes!


You can either RATE the pitches in the ReBoot Viewer or by talking on the blogs , groups or forum .  This is your chance to tell the writers, artists and producer what you like and what you don’t like about their work.


Rainmaker Entertainment will ONLY REVIEW INFORMATION ON THIS SITE when deciding how to develop the ReBoot property.  So if you've got a great rant on a third party site, make sure you also post it here.


Q:        Why bother with a comic, why not just start the films?

A:        Because films are d*mn expensive.


Rainmaker wants to understand what fans want before producing a new movie. The comic will be the product of the pitch contest and the Z2H fan feedback. It’s much more economical to produce a comic to test fans reaction to the new Reboot than to create a feature length film.


Q:        Who owns my REBOOT art if I upload it?

A:        That's a little tricky.


Rainmaker asserts its rights to any material uploaded to this contest - that is because they do have similar ideas in play and want to avoid any potential lawsuit (if, for example, you think their new Dot looks like your fan Dot).  This is standard practice for entertainment production companies.


On the other hand, Rainmaker DOES want to use fans on the art team for the webcomic.  This will be a paid work-for-hire assignment run through Zeros 2 Heroes virtual studio.  If you want to be part of this team, you need to "audition" by uploading your art to the ReBoot Pitch Viewer.



Q:        Will the cliffhanger of Season 4 be resolved?

A:        In some ways, that’s up to you.


Rainmaker is listening to the fans and taking note of their concerns.  If you speak loudly enough, that will be factored into their decision-making process.


Q:        What is the ReBoot timeline?

A:        Good question.


Until August 26th, those visiting the website will be able to work with each production team to help refine the ideas for the return of ReBoot.  The winning pitch will be made into a webcomic this fall.  At that time, production of a planned trilogy of feature length “ReBoot” films will commence.


Throughout this process, Rainmaker will continue to draw on the fan base… after all, it’s your show as much as it is ours.