Developer of Full Auto series closes shop


Full Auto 2

Pseudo Interactive, developer of the Sega-published Full Auto series, has shut down due to cutbacks at parent company SCi. Over 50 people were employed at the Toronto-based game developer as of 2006. The company was reportedly working on an unnamed project that has now been canceled.

Let’s hope those guys and girls find good jobs elsewhere.

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4 comments to “Developer of Full Auto series closes shop”

  1. Comment by Gamerschoice:

    Crap. I was hoping for a REAL sequel to Full Auto, without an unnecessary story, and with the good music from the first Full Auto. Probably won’t see it now.

  2. Comment by Graham:

    Yeah, man Im pissed. Full Auto is still my favouite racing game this generation.

    None of the others brought as much real entertainment for me as the 360 game.


  3. Comment by cube_b3:

    Amazing Amuze closed there doors the exact same way.

    They Developed 2 games for Sega, they were in the midst of designing the 3rd one…

  4. Comment by Clumsyorchid:

    Just a clarification, it looks like this post misquoted the article. Pseudo Interactive wasn’t actually owned by Eidos or SCi, but were working with them on a project that was canceled.

    Always a shame to see talented developers close; my best wishes go out to the them.

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