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Sabre AnswerBack

Sabre® AnswerBackSM connectivity is a revenue maximization tool that enables your airline to maximize control over its revenue flow. The return of an internal system record locator assures the travel consultant, online consumer and corporate system user that a sell request has been received by your airline. AnswerBack produces a direct reduction in message rejects which streamlines the booking process. Phone calls to the airline are reduced, freeing sales agents to concentrate on revenue-producing calls.

Sabre Direct Access Interactive

Sabre® Direct Access Interactive combines the best features of the Sabre® Direct Connect AvailabilitySM and the Sabre® Direct Access connectivity participation levels by using standard EDIFACT messaging instead of terminal emulation. As a result, airlines can have the Direct Connect functionality, yet still be able to choose which flights to display to Sabre ConnectedSM travel agencies. With the Direct Access Interactive feature, you can decide which flights to list on availability and schedules displays, apply Direct Connect Availability logic to all availability displays in the Sabre® global distribution system regardless of the entry (Sabre system display or Direct Access display), have access to point-of-sale information in the Direct Access environment and enable additional options such as: operational text messages, agency identifiers, airline information and more.

Sabre Direct Connect Availability Connectivity

Sabre® Direct Connect AvailabilitySM connectivity is a highly evolved system interface that enables travel consultants to compare rates and availability directly from travel supplier in-house systems. This direct connection between the Sabre® computer reservation system and travel supplier in-house systems allows travel consultants to receive descriptions of rate rules by product. In addition, tailored marketing responses can be delivered directly from the travel supplier, to further promote sales.

Sabre Direct Connect Sell Connectivity

Sabre® Direct Connect SellSM connectivity is a revenue-maximization and decision-support solution that enables your airline to better control inventory at the time of sale for last-seat access and minimum oversells. This seamless technology enables interactive bookings and instant confirmation and reduction of inventory at the time of sale.

Sabre Interactive Pre-Reserved Seats Tool

Sabre® Interactive Pre-Reserved Seats is a revenue-maximization tool that enables your airline to provide immediate confirmation of seat assignment requests to travel agents and travelers. Your airline gains more control over inventory and streamlines the seat assignment process by reducing message rejects, and non-revenue generating phone calls to reservations offices while better serving the traveler.

Sabre Interactive Seat Maps Tool

Sabre® Interactive Seat Maps is a revenue-maximization tool that instantly transmits seat map requests. This feature enables your airline to provide real-time, standard seat map displays to agents and travelers, improving customer service and reducing reservations office calls.

Sabre Married Segments Tool

Sabre® Married Segments is a revenue-maximization tool that enables airlines to join up to three segments together as single unit to enforce the original conditions of a sale. Based on airline decisions, the SabreSonic™ passenger solution handles the married segments as a single unit, making changes or cancellations dependent on airline approval. Airlines experience greater revenue management control since market-specific inventory is protected from unauthorized, partial cancellations.