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About the Florida Junior Classical League

The Florida Junior Classical League is a student-run organization dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the study of Latin, Greek, and classical civilization. Now in its 57 th year, the FJCL draws it members from middle and high school students throughout the state of Florida. Currently, the FJCL has 89 chapters and 4,707 individual members. The National Junior Classical League, the parent organization of the FJCL, is the largest academic organization in America for middle and high school students, and Florida is the third largest State Chapter in the world.

The FJCL sponsors a number of competitions for its members each year, which include academic and athletic contests, as well as artistic and oral competitions. Each of the eight regions in the state hosts a Regional Latin Forum, usually held on a Saturday in late January or early February. The State Latin Forum is held over three days in late March in Orlando. The FJCL also participates in the National Junior Classical League Annual Convention every summer. In addition, various local chapters sponsor mini-fora and certamen competitions. For more information, see the "Fora" section.

Members of the FJCL come together every year at the Regional Forum, State Forum, and National Convention, not only to compete but to meet old friends and make new ones, to have fun while learning about classical civilization and language. The FJCL offers an experience like no other, and we encourage any interested student not only to join the FJCL, but also to consider becoming an officer and shaping the future of this outstanding organization.