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From Napkin to Number One

October 2003, Dick Robinson, a Georgetown, KY resident and sports agent was sitting in Wheeler Pharmacy in Lexington with close friend Coach Joe B. Hall.

Coach Hall was being interviewed by phone by former Alabama Head Basketball Coach Wimp Sanderson. Sanderson had his own talk show in Birmingham, Alabama.

As the two legendary coaches chatted, the idea came to Robinson. There could be a Joe B. Show. Robinson's next thought was, we have two retired basketball coaching legends in what is probably the most avid basketball state in the country. Both coaches are friends. They fish together.

Dick wrote "Joe B. and Denny Show" on a napkin, turned it and slid it to Joe B. to read. Coach smiled and continued his interview.

After the interview, Robinson and Joe B. discussed the idea while walking to the parking lot and realized the interest was there. After running the idea past a few radio people who deemed it to be a good idea, they met with Coach Crum in Louisville, whose response was, "Count me in."

As Joe and Dick drove away from that meeting they weren't sure how enthusiastic Denny truly was. The next time they all met it was apparent, Denny had all kinds of ideas about guests, about format. Denny went from count me in‚ to exuberant.

The first show was broadcast on Monday, March 15, 2004 one day after the NCAA Tournament brackets were revealed. Their first guest, John Wooden. Their second was Dick Vitale. And the rest as we say is history.

Today the "Joe B. and Denny Show" is the number one Fox Sports radio show in Kentucky.




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