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Krawall GBA

Krawall GBA is a complete MOD-based music/SFX-solution for the Gameboy AdvanceTM by Nintendo® geared towards game-development. It is in use in several games including blockbusters like The Lord of the RingsTM, The SimsTM and many more titles.

Krawall GBA's distinctive features are speed, quality and a straightforward and powerful API.

Summarized, Krawall GBA can replay MOD-files (read this you don't know what that is) of the type S3M and XM and sound-effects on the GBA.

There are several types of licenses available, please contact us for further information and pricing.

Download the demo here.

Additionally, a non-commercial license can be purchased here, the price has been lowered to € 12.


  • Superb quality: no clicks, no skips, no noises at all
  • Optimized assembler-written mixing-routines (replaying an eight-channel tune at 16khz takes around 15% CPU)
  • Mixing at 16/32khz, mono/stereo
  • Plays XM's and S3M's
  • Max. 32 channels at once
  • Twelve-point volume/panning envelopes
  • Separately manageable music and sound effects
  • Low-latency mixing (around 25ms)
  • Jingle-support
  • XM-instruments or S3M-samples are used as SFX (with envelopes)
  • Compressed pattern-data
  • Small memory footprint (customizable)
  • High-quality resampling-mode
  • Optional ramping
  • Optimizing conversion-tool
  • Extensive documentation, including a musician-guide
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