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28 November 2006: Michael gave an interview about Princess Diana's Revenge on BBC Radio Oxford a little while back, and I've finally got round to uploading it to the website. Click here to listen to the interview.

25 November 2006
: Two articles have recently appeared in the press, so I've uploaded copies to the website. The first article was a short piece in The Oxford Mail about the 1926 Fiat Tourer that Michael found in a ditch in Ireland in the 1960s, an abandoned wreck. He subsequently sold the car, and lost track of it: until a couple of months ago, when someone got in touch with Michael through the website. They'd recently purchased the car, fully restored, at auction, and were kind enough to drive it over to Oxfordshire so that Michael could finally take a ride in it. The full story of Michael's discovery of the car in the 1960s, and the near-death experience Michael had bringing it to London, is recounted in Michael's forthcoming memoir Spots of Time. Click here to read The Oxford Mail article.

The second article is a feature by Maggie Hartford about Princess Diana's Revenge, which appeared in The Oxford Times on Friday. It's a really good article which really captures the farcical spirit of the book: click here to read it.

2 November 2006: China Miéville's Introduction to The Borrible Trilogy, which was originally written for the 2002 Macmillan re-publication but omitted from the final book, is now available. Click here to read it. Many thanks to China for granting permission for us to use his introduction.

Also, an article Peter Lyle wrote a few months back for TANK Magazine is now available to read on the site - click here to do so. The download is around 3MB, however; you have been warned...

10 October 2006
Michael's new book, Princess Diana's Revenge, is now available to buy. Click here for more information about the book, or click here for information on how to purchase. Currently only the paperback edition is available; however, the hardback will be available soon. Please click here to email us if you would like a hardback copy reserved.

PLEASE NOTE: We are currently having problems with our distriubtors, so although Princess Diana's Revenge is technically available at any bookshop worldwide the price you will be charged in bookshops will be greatly inflated. We hope to have this resolved soon; in the meantime, click here to find out how to purchase Princess Diana's Revenge directly from us.

9 October 2006: following the succesful release of Princess Diana's Revenge on Michael's own Tallis House imprint, we can announce that we will soon be releasing Spots of Time, Michael's memoirs. We also hope to reprint Journal of a Sad Hermaphrodite in time for Christmas. Stay tuned for more information, or click here to email us and ask to be added to our mailing list.

8 June 2006
: Most of the book pages are now set up with links to each book's first chapter, available as a free PDF, a synopsis (in some case), and purchasing information. If you buy one of Michael's books on Amazon after following a link from this site, Amazon will make a donation to Macmillan Cancer Support.

Also, make sure to check out the multimedia section which has links to various press clippings, and an article written by Jack Zipes, a Professor at the University of Minessota, about the Borribles. I guess I'm going to call this v0.5 of michaeldelarrabeiti.com - there's still a load more stuff to come, but we're getting there...

4 June 2006
: PDFs of the first chapter of each of Michael's books (apart from The Redwater Raid, which will be coming soon) are now available to download. We're still in the process of linking through to the PDFs, so for the moment click on the following links to download the first chapter of each book: The Borribles, The Borribles Go For Broke, The Borribles: Across the Dark Metropolis, French Leave, Foxes Oven, The Hollywood Takes, The Bunce, The Provencal Tales, A Rose Beyond the Thames, Journal of a Sad Hermaphrodite.

28 April 2006
: michaeldelarrabeiti.com v0.1 launched, with extensive biography, index of Sunday Times travel journalism, and three full Sunday Times articles available to download. More to come very soon; apologies in the meantime for any broken links...

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