0 4 / 2 0 / 2 0 0 7 - PRESTON, ENGLAND @ 53 Degrees


Location: floor, 8-10m dead center

stereo cardioid lapel mics > battery box > Sony MZ-NH1

Sony MZ-NH1 > USB > Soundstage 4.2 (converting to WAV) > SoundForge (volume boost) > CD Wave (track splits, FLACing)

Notes from the taper:

Large crowd on hand for this the third date on PT's UK leg of the FOABP tour. Venue was new one to me, and it's quite impressive - nice wide stage and the main floor is on a split level - the sound desk was set up right at the front of the second level. Front of house sound was pretty good and that is reflected in this recording which, other than a volume boost, is as it came off the disc. A couple of incessant talkers behind me and the guy next to me had a PT 'Virgin' with him and was giving him a running commentary of the songs and what albums they came off. Thankfully, he shut up when the music started!


FLAC version: 114:07

Intro [1:44]
Fear Of A Blank Planet
Lightbulb Sun
My Ashes
Open Car
Gravity Eyelids
Drown With Me [5:34]
Blackest Eyes
Sever [5:39]
A Smart Kid
Way Out Of Here
Sleep Together / encore break
Even Less [6:10]
Mother And Child Divided
Halo [6:29]

: A-

Recording pros/cons :



Support Act: Amplifier