1 2 / 1 5 / 2 0 0 7 - HELSINKI, FINLAND @ Icehall


Location: a few meters FOB, slightly from the right side

Audio Technica ES943/O x 2 (SP-CMC-8 omnis), head-mounted > SP-SPSB-10 (no bass roll-off) > Edirol R-09 (48/24)

Edirol R-09 (48/24) > USB > HD > FLAC; editing, balancing/hard limiting, downsampling, dithering with Peak 4 (Mac OS X), FLAC encoding, SBEs fixed with xACT;
both 16bit and 24bit version available!


Notes from the taper:

this is my master. recorded a few meters in front of the soundboard, slightly from the right side (i was in the center before the concert started but decided to move a bit left since there was more space and not so much fear of babbly people right next to me). this one's very well one of my best masters, clear full and spacious sound. the sound was really good in this concert, probably the best sounding concert i've been to in the old ice hall. so, if i may say so, if you already liked borlag's recording i think you should love this one too. about the gig itself: what can i say? finally PT have acknowledged those of us stranded here in finland and we surely weren't disappointed now. being a big fan of gavin, i was secretly hoping to hear 'hatesong' (although i believed this to be a fool's hope). but you can imagine i couldn't have been happier as it turned out they played it on both finnish dates. other personal highlights from this concert were 'waiting', 'anesthetize' (although even better in tampere), 'sleep together' and... well, no complaints really!


Disc 1: 59:34

Intro [1:57]
Fear Of A Blank Planet
What Happens Now?
The Sound Of Muzak
Open Car
Dark Matter

Disc 2: 57:23

Blackest Eyes
A Smart Kid
Way Out Of Here
Sleep Together / encore break
Waiting (Phase One)
Halo [6:49]

: A-

Recording pros/cons :



Support Act: Hidria Spacefolk