Think About History

Love history? Love trivia? Then play Think About History trivia game!

Take the Citizenship Quiz

Every year, more than 700,000 individuals become U.S. citizens. To do so, they must pass a test in American history and civics.
Click to uncover your citizenship quotient.

Human Weapon

Test your fighting skills in the Human Weapon game.

Shootout! the Game

Play SHOOTOUT! THE GAME and participate in amazing 3-D recreations of the battles that shaped history.

Time Lord

Your knowledge of history has been questioned!

Decoding Destiny Game

Crack the codes to unlock the astonishing secrets of the prophet Nostradamus.

Ice Road Truckers: Pimp Your Rig

Create your own truck designs and vote on your favorites.

Ice Road Truckers: Let's Haul

Match and memorize sounds of truckers and win.

Place The State

Can you PLACE THAT STATE?? Challenge yourself and see if you rank among the best geographers in the land!

State That Plate

Do you know your License Plates? STATE THAT PLATE challenges you to the game you grew up playing in the car!

Sherman's March Interactive Map

Watch General Sherman's war path through the South animate before you!

Send an E-Card!

Send a free e-card to your friends and loved ones!

What's Your Dark Ages Character?

Play now to upload your photo, dress-up a favorite Dark Ages character and e-mail your profile to a friend!


Play Sudoku--it's a character challenge.

Battle Stations

A look at the deadliest military machines and their mark on history.

Build Your Own Parthenon

See if you can build it faster than its original architects, Iktinos and Kallikrates.

A&E; Games

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Biography's Game Room

Check out Biography's Game Room!

Battle for the Pacific Video Game

Buy the Battle for the Pacific video game! Available in PC, PlayStation, XBox & Nintendo Wii formats!

Civil War - A Nation Divided Video Game

Buy the Civil War - A Nation Divided video game! Available in PC, PlayStation & XBox formats!