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American Election Song Lyrics by James Falkofske Music by Chris Snow ( There are times when I quest (more)
Views: 95,125
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the mccain girls
From: mccaingirls
Views: 857,237
  More in News & Politics "We Need A Woman" music and lyrics by Dulce Maria Gonzalez, written for Hillary Clinton 2008. Video by Robe (more)
From: salsera2984
Views: 84,922
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Download the song at ...Andres Useche's site where you will also find the lyrics in English and Spani (more)
Views: 130,333
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a dj mike gravel & rx conspiracy. the first in a series. former u.s. senator Mike Gravel (Alaska), is a libertarian candidate for (more)
From: rx2008
Views: 227,824
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This is a supporter video for the Republican presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee that a friend of mine (Jared Shelton) and I made f (more)
From: RobinsMatt
Views: 87,294
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The unofficial Ron Paul 2008 Campaign Song.
Views: 85,287
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Humorous look into the 2008 Presidential Elections featuring a funny rap song from the lovable FunBugs. Go to www.FunBugs.Tv to (more)
From: FunBugs
Views: 37,206
  More in Music Detroit Octane presents Barack Obama-sistible.
Views: 64,182
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Written and performed by Walter Suhr and the Mango Punch, with introduction by Johnny Canales. The majority of the photos were (more)
Views: 61,446
  More in Music He endured five years as a prisoner of war in Vietnam. Perseverance helped him win the Republican n (more)
From: GOODMagazine
Views: 48,686
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By Jason Walsmith/The Nadas and Kyle Munson/The Register This tongue-in-cheek tune was written as an alternate take on the curren (more)
From: iowacaucuses
Views: 25,253
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