Busta Rhymes: When Disaster Strikes Busta Rhymes 
When Disaster Strikes
Rating: 8.2
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Hip-hop and rap is crowded with some damn interesting folks these days. Two martyrs have energized and unified the scene, musical risks are being taken, and personalities are making themselves heard with a vengeance not seen since perhaps Public Enemy. High atop the pile are a few powerhouse artists that are bucking hard against the sound -- stretching the limits. Over to the side, pointing and laughing gleefully at these pioneers is Busta Rhymes, and he's got his own agenda.

When Disaster Strikes makes me laugh. Naturally, it's got that in- yer- face, don't- dare- fuk- wit- me- or- my- posse gangster urgency, but it's also got the clown- motherfucker- from- hell thing goin' on. Busta's constantly in yer ear, yapping like a madman after his meds. Though some of the tracks could be considered average, few would place anywhere close to ordinary. Plenty of talk of getting high and slappin' the bitches, but with tounge planted firmly in cheek as Busta's Rhymes tease the cliches of his niche. Fhat samples, great voice if you can hack Busta's jagged delivery, and the loops are above the pack. Take yer meds, sit back with the headphones, and crack a grin.

-James P. Wisdom