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Fiercely independent and headstrong, Cassie has learnt from her mistakes and is still a natural when it comes to winning friends and influencing people.

Her independence and strong-will is a direct result of her upbringing. Cassie's mother dumped her with her grandmother, Joy, when she was six years old. Joy was the only family that Cassie had ever known. She adored her Nan and was devastated when the decision was made to turn off her life support machine.

Cassie was a victim of child abuse when she was young and was deeply troubled. With professional counselling, Cassie was able to learn how to live without anxiety.

When Martha's brother, Macca, arrived in town, Cassie and Macca were immediately attracted to each other. Country boy Macca is a bit of a larrikin and it was soon revealed he was taking speed in order to pull all-nighters truck-driving. He also has a violent streak and started hitting Cassie. Cassie decides he couldn't change and got back together with Ric.

But upon Macca's return to the Bay, promising he is a changed man, Cassie realised she can't deny her true feelings for the country lad. The pair began an illicit romance, hurting Ric and costing both of them a lot of friends. The new man in her life is Henk, he is much older than her. Cassie was in love and had agreed to marry Henk, then discovered she was pregnant and that he had given her HIV. They decided to split and Cassie is bravely facing her future alone.

Relationship status


Past relationships

Has previously gone out with Ric (twice), Macca and Henk.


Sally is her foster mother and Ric her foster brother (not blood relatives).


Mattie, Belle, and Ric.

Living arrangements

Is back at home with Sally, Ric, Alf.

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