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Human (Daikini)
1.8 meters
Sword, arbalest


Many outlandish tales surround the rogue known as Madmartigan, and it is often difficult to separate the truth from fiction. He was born of Galladoorn, the son of a noble family. He was given impeccable schooling, in the hopes that someday he would ascend to administrative duties of the kingdom, but he was far too restless and reckless for such drudgery.

A truant child, Madmartigan would escape his lessons to visit Galladoorn's eclectic bazaars, learning more valuable skills like how to spin a tall tale or how to handle a sword. At age ten, he was able to save his friends from bloodthirsty Pohas by slaying an unconfirmed number of the tattooed brutes -- no two accounts seem to match in details. Madmartigan's raw talent caught the attention of the famed swordsman Roniro, who took the boy as an apprentice.

Accounts of his ascension to knighthood are difficult to confirm, but the most popular -- most likely spurious -- tale describes Madmartigan being knighted at the age of 12. This made him the youngest ever to achieve such a position by far, the next eldest being 17-year-old Airk Thaughbaer. Though he befriended Airk, Madmartigan never spent time with his fellow knights, instead befriending caravan drivers and others from more colorful and less structured walks of life.

Despite a propensity for recklessness, Madmartigan took his oaths as a knight very seriously. This made his downfall all the more painful, for when he fell in love with a young princess, he was forced to choose between breaking the knight's code or his own heart.

Madmartigan chose poorly. His beloved's loyalty was fleeting, and she would betray him, and disclose that he had broken his knight's oath. Madmartigan lost all honor, and left behind the armor and stature of knighthood, though he still carried the skill of a mighty swordsman.

The former knight spent much time in taverns and other less reputable haunts, drowning away his past in indulgence and vice. It was during this time that Queen Bavmorda began to expand her borders, crushing all opposition. The knights of Galladoorn took to arms to repulse her, but Madmartigan was not among them.

It's little surprise that such a life led him to the crow's cage at the Daikini Crossroads. He was freed by Willow Ufgood, who was seeking a responsible Daikini to watch over baby Elora Danan. Madmartigan agreed to watch over her, and take the infant to one of his many women acquaintances. He never had the chance -- the baby was kidnapped by thieving Brownies before Madmartigan got too far.

Willow retrieved Elora, and found Madmartigan up to his immoral shenanigans at a roadside tavern. An adulterous wench was busily dressing up the rogue swordsman as "Hilda" -- an unconvincing female disguise to hide the fact she was cheating on her brutish husband, Llug. Soon, chaos erupted in the tavern as Llug discovered his wife's indiscretion and Nockmaar soldiers appeared seeking Elora Danan. Both Madmartigan and Willow narrowly escaped with Elora.

Madmartigan saw Willow safely to his destination, the island of Fin Raziel, before Nockmaar soldiers caught up to him. Madmartigan and Willow were taken prisoner by Sorsha, Queen Bavmorda's beautiful daughter. A pair of mischievous Brownies had followed Willow and freed them from the Nockmaar camp, but in the process, Madmartigan became smitten with a fairy love potion that drew him to Sorsha.

His past bitterness forgotten, Madmartigan professed his undying love to Sorsha. His florid prose confused Sorsha, and allowed him and Willow time to escape. Willow, Madmartigan, the Brownies, and the sorceress Fin Raziel fled to the fabled land of Tir Asleen, where they were promised an army to defeat Bavmorda. All they found instead was a cursed castle infested with trolls.

Raiding Tir Asleen's armory, Madmartigan equipped himself with the armor of a knight, and planned to singlehandedly defend Tir Asleen and his friends from the Nockmaar hordes. Sorsha was so taken by his selfless heroics that she found herself reciprocating his love, and she abandoned her allegiance to her mother and fought by his side. Despite this, and despite the arrival of reinforcements from the surviving knights of Galladoorn, the Nockmaar soldiers were able to steal away with Elora Danan.

Willow Ufgood brought the battle back to Nockmaar. While he, Sorsha and Fin Raziel infiltrated Bavmorda's tower, Madmartigan and Airk Thaughbaer lead the Galladoornian knights in an attack on Nockmaar. With a clever ruse that hid their forces in covered trenches, the Galladoorn forces were able to make their way past the castle walls. Airk fell in battle, but Madmartigan took up his sword and defeated the Nockmaar commander, General Kael.

Willow and Fin Razeil were successful in destroying Bavmorda, and her reign of darkness came to an end. Razeil lifted the curse on Tir Asleen, and Madmartigan retook the mantle of knight, to serve as protector of the rejuvenated city. Sadly, such peace lasted not much more than a year, when the Cataclysm erupted, wiping Tir Asleen off the face of the world, and all those who inhabited it vanished.

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