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Human (Daikini)
1.62 meters
Sword, bow


Sorsha was born to Bavmorda and Prince Mikal Tanthalos of Tir Asleen during the evil queen's dark rise to power. When Bavmorda cursed Tir Asleen, sealing its citizenry in crystal stasis, she forever cut Sorsha off from knowing her father. Only Sorsha's red hair connected her to her past, and despite Bavmorda's best efforts to change the hair's fiery color through witchcraft, its true shade always shone through.

Bavmorda wanted her daughter to follow in her path and become a great sorcerer, but the Force was not strong with Sorsha. She failed at the simplest of magical tests, instead showing affinity for the sword. As a princess, Sorsha had a lonely childhood, as Bavmorda's terrified underlings were too frightened to befriend her. As she grew older, she grew more detached from the castle keep at Nockmaar, exploring the surrounding lands on long journeys.

She practiced her swordsmanship and archery skills with the Nockmaar army, much to the chagrin of Bavmorda. The queen nonetheless accepted that her daughter was more martial than magical, and Sorsha elevated to the rank of second-in-command of the military, behind the ruthless General Kael.

Sorsha was tasked with finding the fugitive midwife that escaped Bavmorda's clutches with Elora Danan, the infant prophesied to destroy the dark queen's rule. Though the midwife was tracked down and killed by Death Dogs, the baby was taken by Nelwyn villager Willow Ufgood, who alongside rogue swordsman Madmartigan planned to take Elora to the sorceress Fin Raziel.

When upturning a roadside inn for clues as to the baby's whereabouts, Sorsha not only discovered Willow and Elora, but came face to face with Madmartigan. Though the swordsman was reckless and unscrupulous, she could not deny a strong attraction to the handsome warrior.

[ Sorsha ]Their paths would cross again when Sorsha and her forces captured the baby. Madmartigan, under the spell of a fairy love potion, professed undying devotion and affection to Sorsha -- words that were alien to her and confusing. Later, when in pitched battle, she witnessed firsthand Madmartigan's daring and heroism, and acknowledged her love for him. She switched allegiance, joining the knights of Galladoorn in an attack on Nockmaar.

Queen Bavmorda's rule came to an end in this pitched final battle, as the dark queen's ambitions overcame her and she was consumed by her own dark magic. Sorsha returned to Tir Asleen, where Fin Raziel lifted the curse. The inhabitants of the city were freed from stasis, including her father.

The reunion was not to last. A little over a year later, the Cataclysm erupted, wiping Tir Asleen off the face of the world. All those who inhabited it vanished.

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