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  Kago Ai new video interview! [Update 3: some translations from the interview]  
  Written by Kuno & Skeez, updated: 17:28, 6-Apr 2008  
  Japanese site ohmynews.co.jp has posted a preview of a five-part interview with the former Hello!Project member, her first interview in two years.  
  Full Story  
  Update 3:

This is a very important interview, so we at HPS are going to try our best to release something more than just a synopsis, in the near future. Please be patient though.

We'll leave you with some tidbits from the interview:

She began smoking to feel more "adult-like". Something inside of her was pushing her to want to be more adult, so this is how she went about it. She realizes now that she was wrong.

She didn't realize until later the impact her actions had on those around her (i.e. Cute/Berryz members... "Where's big sis?").

Perhaps most shocking is that she considered (and attempted) suicide, using scissors. "I had it in my mind to commit suicide by cutting my wrist because I felt so bad, I thought it couldn't get any worse. I was thinking, 'I need to end it, so I won't go any lower than I already am.'" She says that when she was cutting her wrist, she doesn't remember much about it, because the inside of herself was a blank... But she does remember that she had the feeling that she was no longer useful to this world. "I was saying to myself, 'I'll kill myself tomorrow, tomorrow, in the next minute, okay, now for real. The next minute is for real!' I was saying that to myself a lot." She actually did cut herself, and began bleeding. "What'll I do?" she thought. "What have I done!"

More to come later...

Update 2:

Here's the full video for the first part of the interview (H!O stream).

Sorry, but we won't be summarizing this video. Instead, look for a more substantial release from us sometime over the next few days.

Youtube version

Update 1:

Nikkan Sports has an article up that has one bit of interesting new information: Kago's plans are to return to showbiz as an actress.

Original Article:

Ohmynews (which is being hammered at the moment) posted a preview for a five-part series of interviews with former Hello! Project member Kago Ai. These interview segments will be put on the site one at a time over the next 6 days, with the last part going up on April 12th.

Here's the PREVIEW video for the first part of the interview (H!O stream):

The video sort of cuts off at the end, but the mobile version of their website continues on with some text from the interview. Here's a translation of what was said:

"I was 17 years old back then. I wasn't self-conscious enough to become a proper working adult. To all the fans, staff, office workers, as well as my mother, I have troubled you very much. There's no excuse for what I did. I'm going to start anew, upholding my duties properly. I want to live strongly. I would be be happy to have your support.

My mother and father divorced on that day. At that time, when I was down, my boyfriend had gone far away. I'd known him for a while, and I was close to him. He lived nearby, in Kusatsu (prefecture). I said I wanted to go, but since there was so much snow, going by car would be dangerous. So we went and stayed at the Japanese inn."

(to be continued, presumably)

They've also posted some photos:

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