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Time Channel 34/67 Channel 35/68 Channel 56/69 Channel 57/70
9:00am Special
Practical spirituality featuring interviews and music
Brooklyn Bulletin Board
9:30am Special
Martial Arts View
10:00am Smart Kids
Educational and fun
Brooklyn Basketball
Brooklyn sports
Ethical Social Networking
Effective communication mediation and social justice
10:30am The King Henry Show
Children's variety show
The Moriah Experince 411 Xchange
Public affairs
11:00am Special
Camp Friendship Basketball
Youth sports
In The Zone
Brooklyn Sports Show
(PREMIERE 2nd & 4th Saturday)
11:30am Myself and Others
Children's science, math & technology
Music For Life Variety
On The Mat
Brooklyn sports
12:00pm Ghoul A Go-Go
Kid's show
The Staten Island Comedy Show A Journey Through Aesthetic Realms
Lecture of spiriture
12:30pm The Real Linda Informational Wedding Memories
Highlights from wedding ceremonies
Head Cornerstone
Covering important health topics
1:00pm Scratch Me TV I Gospel
Gospel entertainment
Kingsborough Focus
1:30pm Special
Gospel Entertainment Showcase
Be Good To You
Promoting health & fitness
2:00pm MONTHLY
Speek LYfe TV
Christian variety show
Specialized Fitness
Health and fitness
2:30pm Kagie22
Community education show
Jarvelle Show
Educational talk about youth, health and sports
3:00pm Tots & Teens
Youth in focus with the community in mind
Rev. Jerry Bowen Show
Gospel entertainment
Focus on China
Asian based exercise
3:30pm Alternative Medicine
Health & wellness issues
Evvy: Cultural Interchange
Multicultural events
4:00pm Albanian Culture
Cultural life in the Albanian community
Lucy's Hair
Arts & culture
Dr. C's New Healing Gospel
Choosing health over destructive properties
4:30pm Dave's Crib
Hip-hop performers & videos, discussing issues
MONTHLY Sahaja Yoga
Health & fitness
5:00pm N.R.O TV
Music Video
Gospel Central Music Videos
Gospel music videos
Too Sweet Video
Talent outreach
5:30pm Gina's Weekend
Art & Culture
Keeping It Real with Shannon
Talk & entertainment
Starlink TV
R&B music showcase with interviews and videos
6:00pm Caribbean Images
News, video and interviews
Rehoboth for You
Variety arts & talk with music videos & interviews
New Flavor Videos
Music videos & interviews
6:30pm El Show De Max
Keeping people informed and awake
Caribbean Vibe
Music videos & interviews
7:00pm Dominican Community
Sports, music, news & culture
Ina Dillon Show
Caribbean-American talk and entertainment
Abu A. Q. Abu Show
Talk show designed to educated and enlighten
7:30pm Riconcito Panameno En Nueva York
Panamanian community, information & culture
CTV: Caribbean Television
Arts & culture
8:00pm Panama Canal Commission
History and working of the Panama Canal
Safia Seivwright Show
Jamaican-American entertainment variety show
Zoom In
Talk & entertainment
8:30pm Greenlight
Music videos
Inside the Caribbean
Arts & culture
Kingsborough Focus
9:00pm Street Knowledge
Music video variety show
Island Session
Teen coverage of local sports events
In The Zone
Brooklyn sports show
(PREMIERE 2nd & 4th Saturday)
9:30pm Latin Reggae
Talk show and music
Variety show
Messages With Lion
Debates about sociological issues
10:00pm G.I.N. TV
Hip-hop documentary
Jeff Indyke Show
Cabane Creole
Haitian affairs
10:30pm Hoodzta Entertainment Music Video Latin Jazz Alive & Kickin'
Arts & culture
Thirty & Over
11:00pm Hit Record Nightlife Video
Comedy, music, videos, interviews
Tropical Reflection
Reggae & dancehall videos
Gillis & Barry Show
Music, comedy & variety
11:30pm Dancehall NYC
Reggae entertainment show
Whatz Going On
Variety show with videos and interviews
International cross cultural, arts, education program
12:00am Dance Hall World
Reggae video show
Variety featuring comedy, interviews & videos
12:30am G.F.N. Ent Show
Hip-hop variety show with comedy skits
Soundwave TV
Music video
WTF Night Experience
Underground wrestling
1:00am - 9:00am Brooklyn Bulletin Board Brooklyn Bulletin Board Brooklyn Bulletin Board


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