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News & Events - 26 February 2007

The Gifford Lectures 2007

The Gifford Lectures 2007 will be presented by Professor Simon Conway Morris FRS, University of Cambridge.

Professor Morris will present a series of lectures entitled “Darwin's Compass: How Evolution Discovers the Song of Creation”.

All lectures are open to the public. No tickets are required.

Detailed information on all the Gifford Lectures is available from the Humanities and Social Sciences website.

Event Information

Lecture 1: Life's Solution: The Predictability of Evolution across the Galaxy (and Beyond)
Date: Monday 19 February 2007
Lecture 2: Eyes to See, Brains to Think: the Inevitable Evolution of Intelligence
Date: Tuesday 20 February 2007
Lecture 3: Meeting the Aliens: Galactic Hide and Seek
Date: Thursday 22 February 2007
Lecture 4: Becoming Human: The Continuing Mystery
Date: Monday 26 February 2007
Lecture 5: The Evolution of Consciousness: A Window on to Invisible Worlds?
Date: Tuesday 27 February 2007
Lecture 6: Towards an Eschatology of Evolution
Date: Thursday 1 March 2007

All Professor Morris' lectures will take place in the Playfair Library, Old College at 5.15 pm.
Find Old College on Campus Maps.

The Gifford Lectures

The Gifford Lectures, which are held at each of the four ancient Scottish universities, were established under the will of Adam Lord Gifford, a Senator of the College of Justice, who died in 1887.

For over a hundred years, the Lectures have enabled a most notable field of scholars to contribute to the advancement of philosophical and theological thought.

Past Gifford Lectures at The University of Edinburgh include William James, John Dewey, Albert Schweitzer, Niels Bohr, Arnold Toynbee, Sir John Eccles, Iris Murdoch, Charles Taylor, Michael Ignatieff, Wentzel van Huyssteen, Noam Chomsky and Jean Bethke Elshtain.

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