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Pie Menu

The Pie Menu component provides circular pie menus.

It is usually triggered as a context menu, and allows directional, gesture and traditional mouse click-move-click navigation. It also has support for keyboard navigation.



Tested on:

  • Qt 4.3 / Windows XP / MSVC.NET 2003
  • Qt 4.3 / Windows Vista / MSVC.NET 2005
  • Qt 4.3 / Linux / gcc
  • Qt 4.3 / MacOS X 10.4 / gcc

Unsupported platforms:

Only the tested platforms are supported, however the classes should be platform independent and are likely to work on the platforms supported by Qt.

Download Commercial Edition:

Only available for Qt Solutions license holders with a valid Support and Maintenance agreement (authentication required).


  • 2.3: Fix: Submenus did not close automatically when left.
  • 2.2: Now emits canceled() when canceled by wheel events.
  • 2.1: Open correctly on multi-screen displays.
  • 2.0: Version 1.4 ported to Qt 4.
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