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Architecture for Humanity

Architecture for Humanity

Kathryn Frankel, June 30th, 2006

Architecture for Humanity is a California-based non-profit organization aimed at encouraging architects and designers to seek architectural solutions to humanitarian crisis.
Launched in 1999 from a single laptop computer, Architecture for Humanity has spread into a global movement with local chapters around the world engaging talented young architects to rethink the […]



Eric Steuer, June 6th, 2006

The DigiBarn is a computer museum located in a 90-year-old barn in California’s Santa Cruz Mountains. It is also an online repository of Creative Commons-licensed photos, video, audio, and technical documentation that tell the history of personal computing. The DigiBarn’s collections include small and big computers, game systems, software, and schwag.
We recently […]

Rice University's Connexions

Rice University’s Connexions

Ashley Craddock, October 1st, 2005

On first glance — brown hair, pale skin, and undergrad-style clothes — Rich Baraniuk looks like an average guy. But look at his eyes, and you know you’re in the presence of something rare. They’re giant and brown and fairly glowing with the light of the millions of synapses firing at the […]

Marshall Sahlins

Marshall Sahlins

Alex Golub, October 1st, 2005

Marshall Sahlins wants to make the Internet the new medium for traditional pamphleteering. Sahlins, a celebrated anthropologist at the University of Chicago and the founder of Prickly Paradigm Press, has decided to re-release the press’s backlist with “some rights reserved.” This week, Prickly Paradigm goes online with the publication of five […]



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MIT OpenCourseWare
Selected course notes, assignments, and syllabi from MIT courses
Course materials and lectures from a one-year, intensive post-baccalaureate program in Computer Science

Connexions Repository
Rice University's course material available for distribution and reuse

Berklee Shares
Music lessons from the premier institution for the study of contemporary music


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