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Chemical Synthesis with Ozone

Ozone is the most powerful oxidant commercially available. It is used by hundreds of labs to quickly synthesize product.  Chemical synthesis can turn natures scarcity into chemistry's abundance.


Advantages of using Ozone for Chemical Synthesis are the following:

  • most powerful oxidant commercially available
  • ozone will not contaminate the sample
  • high ozone concentrations result in quick synthesis before sample dries out
  • easily implemented with bottled oxygen
  • ozone equipment occupies very little space

 Chemical Synthesis with Ozone Document (PDF 1.5 MB)

    This Ozone Document contains

  • Resonant Structure of Ozone
  • Solubility of ozone in water
  • Oxidation Potentials
  • Ozone Decomposition Mechanism


To do effective chemical synthesis with ozone, one should use an ozone generator that is capable of producing ozone concentrations in excess of 10% by wt.  Typically higher ozone concentrations result in much faster synthesis of chemicals.

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