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Pinkner & Abrams Team Again for FRINGE

A new sci-fi series coming to television.
By: Jarrod Sarafin
Source: Hollywood Reporter
Date: Wednesday, April 9, 2008
Abrams is re-teaming with his fellow "Lost" & "Alias" producer Jeff Pinkner for their upcoming new sci-fi series "Fringe" for Fox, says the Hollywood Reporter. The story concept was created by Abrams and scribes Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci. Pinkner will serve as the executive producer/showrunner.

Plot Concept: The story
centers on FBI agent (Anna Torv), who teams with a guy (Joshua Jackson) and his scientist father (John Noble), to confront the spread of unexplained phenomena.

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#1 - hanso  [Apr 9 2008, 5:40 am CDT]
Definitely checking this series out.
#2 - monkeyfoot  [Apr 9 2008, 8:32 am CDT]
Uh-oh. This sounds like an idea for another show with interesting characters delving further and further into strange phenomena with lots of intriguing mystery and few answers, but with clues scattered throughout that people will analyze endlessly on fansites.

And I'll be watching it.
#3 - gauleyboy420  [Apr 9 2008, 10:37 am CDT]
I'm bringing my thought on Abrams over here from the Hellboy thread. They are more appropriate here, and sorry if these thoughts are found offensive...

JJ Abrams sucks...there I said it. I haven't watched Lost, I suppose someday I'll start renting it on DVD but until then JJ Abrams Sucks to me.

Wiseguy asked me to give him a chance because he didn;t direct Cloverfield, and we should give him a chance in the director chair.

So I agreed, I'll give him a chance, but didn't he direct MI3?

It was ok, but they left a couple of lose ends, and somethings were not really explained properly. It was as if, "OK it's the end of the movie lets wrap it up in a nice package"

AND I tried to find out forever leading up to Cloverfield. The executive producer does WHAT? He contributes WHAT? I have some idea, but I don't know if I'm speculating. He has control of the $$$, which gives him say in how the story evolves, and how the entire creation of the movie is handled. It was always my impression that the executive producer, kinda "directs" all aspects of the movie. From script to photography in a collaborative effort with the director, writer, ect... But I was also under the impression that Exec Producer, has the final say.

Anyway I haven't seen anything (yet) from Abrams that deems him worthy of all of the hype he gets.
#4 - joeybaloney  [Apr 9 2008, 10:51 am CDT]
Oh no you di�int, gauley! No one questions The Abrams!

Actually, Lost aside he�s disappointment me at almost every turn. Alias started great and then I can�t even begin to explain what happened. MI: 3? Meh. Felicity? Wha? I�m super nervous about what�s gonna happen with Trek.

Lost, however, IMHO is the best damn put together show I have EVER watched. And I�m including seasons 1 & 2 of The A-Team (Remake �Hannibal/Cheadle � think it over folks) but I ain�t sure how much of that is Abrams and how much of that is Lindelof & Cuse.

Not sure how much I need to start investing in another show with an ever-unfolding vague concept though. That said the concept of an FBI agent teaming up with a guy does sound intriguing. I don�t think that�s been done. I guess I'll probably be checking the pilot out.
#5 - hanso  [Apr 9 2008, 11:18 am CDT]
On the Abrams subject-

1. I got into Alias, first 2-3 seasons maybe, but when she started workign for the bad guy again, I gave up on the series. It was the same thing each episode pretty much and all that Rambaldi crap was cool for just a bit, not the entire series. I don't even know how it ended cause I stopped watching.

2. I thought Abrams did a good job with MI3.

3. I love Lost best show out there in my opinon. I don't credit Abrams for Lost though, that show is Lindelof & Cuse all the way baby.

4. I would pay top dollar to see Abrams direct Kimbo Slice!!!
#6 - gauleyboy420  [Apr 9 2008, 11:22 am CDT]
I'll bet he gets all the hype (and the ladies) cause he's a scientologist. Just look at him getting hypnotized by the supreme leader of Scientology in that picture. BTW that photo was taken right before they kissed.
#7 - joeybaloney  [Apr 9 2008, 11:37 am CDT]
LOL! Is he an admitted Scientologist? I had no idea on that. Normally one�s religion matters zero to me as long as they are decent folk but when a religion encourages you to lie to non-believers I gots to call A-Hole.

hanso � Alias ended with zombies. I kid you not. The Rambaldi device created zombies. Most of which were off screen. As much as I love me the zombies not even that could save Alias by the time they got to it.

I�d love to see Kimbo & Cruise go toe to toe!
#8 - hanso  [Apr 9 2008, 11:47 am CDT]
Isn't JJ Abrams jewish?

Zombies? Glad I didn't stick around for that then. Not that I don't enjoy zombies, but zombies & Alias don't seem to fit to me.

By the way, have any of you gotten those free Scientology stress tests, like the one Cartman got? Everytime I see them it reminds me of Cartman.
#9 - rgtchtiger  [Apr 9 2008, 1:27 pm CDT]
Abrams is Jewish. He pokes a little fun at that fact in the Alias Season 5 DVD set during a mock phone call where he "offered" the role of Sydney to Jennifer Garner.

Season 4 of Alias ended with zombies, but Season 5 dealt mostly with some group called Prophet Five, which I honestly couldn't explain to you if I had tried. It had something to do with Rambaldi, and Vaughn's father was involved with them as well, but my head hurts in trying to explain it.

Overall, I like Abrams. I wish to God that he had stayed on staff to finish Alias because the first two seasons were some of the very best on tv this side of 24. I can't give him all that much credit for Lost because Lost is by and large the brainchild of Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse. Abrams helped create and develop the show, but Lindelof and Cuse call all the daily shots. MI3 was fun, but it was basically an action movie slapped with the title Mission: Impossible. I think Star Trek will really be a good sign as to how good Abrams really is, but I doubt he'll be involved that much with Fringe. I'm looking forward to it because Abrams always makes sure his shows throw you a curve ball early on and form the beginning of some larger mythology. Alias and Lost are two great examples of shows that could have been simple and relatively boring, but evolved to be much more than what they could have been. For that reason, I will definitely check Fringe out.
#10 - gauleyboy420  [Apr 9 2008, 2:32 pm CDT]
LOL, I was just talkin� out of my ass!!

Just trying to make a joke. I figured him for Jewish (Abrams = Abraham) anyway, I still stand by the statement that Cruise and Abrams swapped spit directly after that photo was snapped ;)

oh yeah, I still think Abrams is an overhyped asshat, JMHO (I hope he proves me wrong with the new Trek movie) He's not a bad director, just WAAAAAY overhyped.
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