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Young Indy Time Capsule Interview: Ruth De Sosa
September 11, 2007

[ Young Indy Time Capsule Interview: Ruth De Sosa ] Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade made clear Indy's tumultuous relationship with his father, but it was not until The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones that viewers came to understand why Indy would describe his mother as the " sweetest, smartest, most wonderful woman who ever lived."

[ Young Indy Time Capsule Interview: Ruth De Sosa ] The actress that portrayed this remarkable woman is the lovely and talented Ruth De Sosa. The role of Anna Jones has much to be admired -- a strong and intelligent woman who travels all over the world. In real life, the role took De Sosa to Africa, China, England and (what was then) Czechoslovakia, where she worked with talented professionals in front of and behind the camera. Not surprisingly, the actress had nothing but love and respect for the character she brought to life.

[ Young Indy Time Capsule Interview: Ruth De Sosa ] "I think that Anna is a very good mother and wife," she stated during production in an interview conducted by Dan Madsen. "I think she's very, very excited by the journey. She was raised in America, and the chance to see the world is a dream come true. Through her travels, she grows a lot and learns a great deal about people. It's very exciting to her; she wouldn't want to stay home and settle down."

[ Young Indy Time Capsule Interview: Ruth De Sosa ] Although Anna appears in several episodes, there is very little written down about her character. To some actresses, this would have posed a problem, but for Ruth it opened the door for her own interpretation, with the basic foundation of the character established by George Lucas.

[ Young Indy Time Capsule Interview: Ruth De Sosa ] "I really have come up with ideas in my mind as to what Anna is like," the actress said. "I don't know why, but when I read a scene, I just suddenly know who she was. And I'm glad the casting people thought I knew who she was, too! But I do have my difficult moments. You know, she dies very soon -- within three years -- when Indiana is only 12 years old. I think that she is very full of life and you're very sad when she's gone because she had so much energy, so that's what I try to portray."

Ruth also believes Indy's natural desire to learn more about the past can be credited, in part, to his mother's love of knowledge and adventure. "I think she is definitely Indy's guiding light," Ruth related. "I think that part of his adventurous spirit comes from Anna."

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