Princess Lessons ~ Planning your Princess Day

Mini Crown I hope you havent forgotton, our first International Princess Day (May 5th) is just under three weeks away! Do you know what youre going to do yet? Are you going to take the day off, or maybe participate on Sunday instead? Are you going to use it as an excuse to have some indulgent me time or celebrate with your friends? Here are a few suggestions that might inspire you.

:tiara: Start your day off in the most beautiful way possible (without sleeping it away!) leave your curtains open so that you might be awakened by the first rays of morning light as they fall upon your face. Have breakfast in bed, some fresh fruit perhaps and your favourite tea. Listen to the sounds of the birds outside, read a few pages of a favourite book, or a poem like this one.

:tiara: Choose your outfits for the day. They dont have to be your most formal, or impressive, but something simple and sweet and fun. Allow yourself to wear some jewelry, a little perfume and, if suitable, maybe a crown or tiara, to remind yourself that today you are royalty.

:tiara: Put on some music if you are spending part of the day at home, perhaps some Medieval dance music, lilting classical or baroque or just make a play list of all you favourite pick me up songs, nothing angsty or sad. Feel free to sing along and dance as much as you like.

:tiara: If you choose to go out, pick a destination a little different to where you would normally go. You might like to visit an interesting store thats recently opened, see a new movie, have a manicure, go window shopping, have high tea at a cafe or tearoom, go antiquing, visit a museum, art gallery or library. Allow yourself plenty of time to enjoy each experience and dont fret over anything, this is your chance to indulge a little.

:tiara: For more nature loving Princesses, if the weather is nice you may like to take a walk somewhere. In the park or forest or perhaps beside the sea. Notice what flowers are blooming and keep an eye out for furry and feathered friends. If you feel the whim, just stretch out on the grass and watch the clouds go by.

:tiara: End the day on a high note. Go out for dinner to a fancy restaurant or cook your favourite meal, followed by some wickedly rich dessert. You might like to have a warm scented bath before bed, or spend an hour brushing your hair. Flip through some magazines, read a fairytale and take the time to write all about your day in you diary.

Personally, Im going to invite some friends over the night before for a little party and then take the whole day off, though my plans for that are secret! These are just suggestions, and its important to spend your Princess Day doing things you love and find enjoyable and uplifting. I look forward to hearing all about your adventures!

7 Responses to Princess Lessons ~ Planning your Princess Day

  1. Princess Morticia Says:

    Fortunately 5th May is a day off where I live. So I have nothing to worry about going! I still have to plan something nice, but I think it will involve baking a bread in my little oven. Nothing like freshly baked bread ^.^

  2. Alina (Payette) Says:

    Ill have to celebrate on the 10th, since my final exams begin on the 5th May and before that I have to learn a lot ^^;

    Ill have a lazy morning with a good book and a croissant. A castle visit in the afternoon and some time with friends in the evening.

  3. Alina (Payette) Says:

    This is the castle I will visit:
    A friend of mine recommended it ^-^

  4. Kellyhime Says:

    So many lovely ideas! Im not exactly sure what Im going to do yet, but Ive already warned my prince that Im going to be indulging in a special day.^_^

  5. Lea Says:

    Unfortunatly I cant celebrate it on the fifth of May because here in Holland we have Freedom-day then. It is a day that reminds of the World War II and how gratefull we are off all the soldiers that risked and sacrificed their lives for our Freedom x3 But I think I am going to celebrate it a week later or so! I really think this is a wonderful celebration day! XD

  6. Nialla Says:

    This is great I was wondering how to celebrateI hope I can that is

  7. Princess Peachie Says:

    Ah, you are like a blessed fairytale teacher, carefully helping me learn the ways of becoming a true princess inside! :D

    I have never liked being self-top things I cannot stand, being pampered and spoiling myself. So, I think I will spend my princess day making special little gifts for all my friends and family, then -like you suggested- take a walk through the forest in my garden and make a tiny banquet table for the fairies to celebrate with me. :)

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