International Exchange

Ota City, which made its official Peace City Proclamation in 1984 with hopes of world peace, is aiming to be "A City with an Open Heart to the World." While the city works on exchange programs and cooperative activities with a number of different countries through industry and culture, the city also actively promotes international exchanges on a local level in order to make Ota City a comfortable place for everyone to live, regardless of nationality.

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Sister Cities and Friendly Ties Cities

Ota City signed a sister-city agreement with Salem, Massachusetts in the U.S. on November 18, 1991 and a friendly ties agreement with the Chaoyang District of Beijing, China on September 21, 1998. Every year, the youth groups, citizens' groups and city assembly groups of the two cities visit each other to deepen international ties.

International Exchange Activities

Sanno Hall International Relations Party (Twice a year)

Japanese and foreign residents have friendly exchanges through cultural activities and games of Japan and other countries of the world.

Internationalization Panel Discussion (Once a year)

This is an event in which participants exchange ideas on various themes concerning internationalization in Ota City.

Foreign Residents' Annual Speech Contest in Japanese (Once a year)

Foreign residents give speeches in Japanese on their thoughts and experiences of living in Japan.

Meeting with the Citizens from Salem (Once a year)

Friendly exchanges with citizens' group members of Sister City, Salem, are held during their stay in Japan.

Youth Exchange between Beijing and Ota City

Students of friendly ties city Chaoyang District of Beijing and of Ota City visit each other to deepen friendship and understanding.

Student Exchange between Salem and Ota City

Students of sister city Salem, Massachusetts and of Ota City visit each other to deepen friendship and understanding.

Salem and the Peabody Essex Museum Trip | Dispatch of Goodwill Tour Group

Ota City citizens visit the city of Salem and the Peabody Essex Museum, and have friendly exchanges with the people of Salem.

Publication of "Warbler" (Five times a year)

This is a publication with information for foreign residents living in Ota City. The bulletin is printed in Japanese (with furigana), English, Chinese and Korean.