Roman Beach Party - HOT 1030
"Roman Beach Party"
  • Fourth studio album. Recorded in Holland
  • Released : September, 1987 Formats : CD, LP, MC Cat No : HOT 1030
  • Produced by : Kent Steedman & Rene Roth
  • Engineered by : Emile Elsen
  • Recorded at : Dureco Studios, Weesp, Holland
  • General Comments : Re-mastered for CD in 1992. Also released with "The Turgid Miasma Of Existence" on CD by Megadisc (MDC 792862). LP and MC also released under licence by What Goes On (Goes On 11).
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    Track Listing
  • Jesus On TV
  • The More Things Change
  • Downtown
  • Oceanshore
  • Circle Sun
  • A Word About Jones
  • Strange Day, Stranger Nights
  • (It's Such A) Wonderful Life - hear a 28 second Sound Sample of this track
  • I Still See You
  • Invisible Man
  • Frank Hyde (Slight Return)

    When it comes to rock'n'roll, the Australians hold very nearly all the aces. The Americans have got the Ramones, we've got the Stupids and the Swedes have got zillions of Rolling Stones rip-off merchants, but the Australians have got 4,000 miles of prime beach front property just pounding with rock'n'roll.

    It's a tradition that runs all the way back to Radio Birdman and The Saints, that will perhaps reach it's apogee next spring with the London debut of the Hard-Ons. And it's a tradition that Sydney's Celibate Rifles have upheld for something like eight years.

    Onstage at the Roman Beach Party, superhuman, dry and droll vocalist Damien Lovelock sports a stupid def Ronettes T-shirt while mad axe murderer and tree surgeon Kent "Rumoroso" Steedman wears one of Christopher Reeves' Superman cast-offs. They've both put the knees out of their jeans. It's small details like these which define the cut-off and thrust sound of the Rifles. Photo : What Goes On Promo Shot
    Because while songs like the savage and godlike Jesus On TV expose the Rifles' sawn off rock potential all the way down to the bleached white of the bone, the lyrics reveal all the anger, insight and humour that makes the Celibate Rifles one of the most powerful rock bands in the world today.

    -Roger Holland, SOUNDS, 21 November 1987

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