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Mike and Ross came up with a new magazine idea, following the format of Cracked and Mad magazine. The magazine was titled “Up Your Nose and Out Your Ear” and sold for fifty cents each. “As usual, Ross and I loved it, but then again every father loves his children,” Mike explains.

Premier issue of
Up Your Nose and Out Your Ear

Up Your Nose was designed for people who were sick and tired of the way things were in the world, reflecting the ignorance behind racism and government policy. Most of the phoniness of the times became revealed in a satirical way through the pages of the magazine.

Some of the characters from the different storylines included The Garlic Man, Thelma of the Apes and Count Vericose amongst many others. Since Up Your Nose was a magazine, it was free of the “comic code,” allowing Thelma of the Apes to be published. The magazine was popular but only ran for two prints. The third magazine was written but never printed because of financial problems.

Mike decided to go back to Marvel Comics where he continued to work on Spiderman and then some Punisher.


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