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Eisner Award-winner Paul Chadwick provides cover for Jonny Quest
Paul Chadwick, Eisner Award-winning writer and artist of Concrete, has taken on a decidedly less massive hero -- Jonny Quest! As a special treat for all Quest fans, Chadwick has drawn an incredible cover for The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest #7!

The dramatic cover depicts Jonny in yet another hair-raising adventure -- climbing down the sheer face of a rocky cliff with only a rope to hold him! He's making his way down the dizzyingly tall cliff in an attempt to reach a mysterious cave, while Hadji, Jessie, and Bandit watch from below.

"The original T.V. series hit me at just the right age," said Chadwick. "I loved it -- even had a decoder ring. So drawing Jonny was pure pleasure. Plus, the story of the Easter Islander's eco-suicide is a parable that should be told over and over. I was glad it was touched on here."

In #7, Jonny and the Quest Team visit the island of Rapa Nui, and are forced to hunt for treasure by a mad archaeologist. Along the way, Jonny learns an important lesson when he hears the tale of how the people of Rapa Nui ruined their island through deforestation. The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest #7 is written by James Vance, (Batman: Idol, The Crow: Flesh and Blood) and is illustrated by Francisco Solano Lopez, a Jonny Quest regular; it ships February 21, and retails for $2.95.

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