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The meticulously dark fourth album from this Chicago quartet is about as retrograde as hard rock gets these days: Uptempo cuts like "Just Stop" too often bank on unexceptional speed-metal grooves, and punchier songs such as "Guarded" work up Motörhead-like propulsion only to slam you in the face with the kind of blandly brooding chorus that's finally dying out on rock radio.

(Posted: Sep 22, 2005)


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swanni09 writes:

5of 5 Stars

it is good to have heavy bands were the vocalist doesn't resort to screeching; it can be effective,but for an entire song gets wearing. i have kistened to this album many times, and my favourite track keeps changing; sons of plunder was immediate, but stricken had a profound slow burn on me. the opening track, while still good, seems to be the least effective on the album; that is the only criticism i could make

Sep 13, 2007 09:08:04

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