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Hannah Tointon
Monday 7 April

We caught up with Hannah Tointon before she left a few weeks ago to find out all about why she's leaving HOLLYOAKS...

Have you enjoyed your time at HOLLYOAKS?
I've absolutely loved my time at HOLLYOAKS, it's been an amazing year and I've just loved it. It's been brilliant.

Why have you decided to leave?
Now it's my last day I'm sad I did! No but really, I always said I would only do a year and I thought I'd stick with my decision. It's also been hard being away from home even though everyone has been so welcoming.

Hannah Tointon
What are your plans for the future?
I don't really know what the future holds, it's exciting really but I do have mixed feelings as I'm sad to leave but I'm excited for the future too. I will be gradually moving back home, I have two weeks left in my flat in Liverpool, I'll be very sad to say goodbye to my little flat. I'll be moving in with my sister when I move back home.

Are you nervous about your last day?
I think this last week has been manic because I've been on set loads so I haven't had much time to think about it. But yeah I'm really sad, I kept thinking 'this is my last time in make-up' and 'this is the last time I'll drive to work' so I've really milked it. I think it will really hit me when I do my last scenes with Roxy (Louise) and Jamie (Warren), and I also have a last scene to film with Chris (Justin) too, so that'll be sad.

Who will you miss the most from HOLLYOAKS?
Oh everyone, I can't even name people. I've made such good friends that I want to keep in touch with. I'm scared to name names in case I miss someone out! I'm really close to Jamie (Warren) and Chris (Justin), I love Sinead (Beth) she’s the loveliest girl, Roxy (Louise), Garnon (Elliot) and Jenny Metcalfe (Mercedes) too. Then there's Kent (Zak) too who I've become really close to recently.

Hannah Tointon
What storyline or scene has been the most memorable for you during the last year?
I'd say all the scenes with Gemma Bissix (Clare) when we filmed over the cliff because we were on location and that was amazing. Actually, the other day I was filming with Kent (Zak) in my underwear and I had to be dragged out of bed and I was falling over! It couldn't have been anymore embarrassing, all dignity was gone, and nothing was left to imagination!

What will you miss most about the job? Everything really it's been so nice. Probably the people, I mean as well as the cast there's all the lovely people in make-up and costume who I'll miss.

Are you pleased with the leaving storyline you were given?
Yes I am, leaving came at a good time because of Sean's murder and the love triangle with Zak and Justin all comes out so everything comes to a head and it's really good.

A lot of Katy's storylines have involved her relationship with Justin, were you surprised that Katy's attentions would move towards Zak?
Yeah I think the whole baby thing comes between Katy and Justin, in an ideal world they would have stayed together. They love each other so much and things are quite perfect with them before all the other stuff and it seems that because they are so young it's too much pressure on them. Chris (Justin) and I didn't like filming the horrible scenes because we are so used to being loving when we are filming that we didn't like it when Katy and Justin weren't getting on.

Who would you have like to have seen Katy end up with?
I can't choose between them both! I would mingle the good bits from each into one. She has a lot of fun with Zak but I still think she would end up with Justin, although she does love Zak too.

Katy's last scene seems like it will be a very emotional one, what was it like to film?
I haven't filmed it yet but I think it will be. I don't think it will be hard because it will be my last scene with Jamie (Warren) and the tears will be real.

You have come into HOLLYOAKS as a character that was plunged into some of the shows biggest storylines with Warren and Justin, was this a bit daunting for you? Yeah it was really because I didn't have time to have normal, gradual scenes and I was just straight in there. It was great though because I got involved in some great storylines and it was a lot of fun.

Were the cast and production surprised when you decided to leave the show?
I'm not sure really, it was quite gradual because it was something that I'd been thinking about although I was still quite confused about what I wanted so it came out in drips and drabs rather than being a big, shock announcement.

What would be your ideal acting job for the future?
I don't know really, I'd love to do some theatre and try some different things but I'll just have to see what comes up and where it takes me.

The fans often wonder if you and Chris Fountain (Justin) fancy each other in real life. Do you?
We are so close but it would be weird to go out with each other when we were working together. We are very close though and will be staying in touch. But no, we are just friends.

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