In April 2006, the Government appointed the Consultative Committee (CC) on the Core Arts and Cultural Facilities (CACF) of the West Kowloon Cultural District (WKCD) and its three Advisory Groups namely the Performing Arts and Tourism Advisory Group (PATAG), the Museums Advisory Group (MAG) and the Financial Matters Advisory Group (FMAG), to re-examine and re-confirm, if appropriate, the need for the CACF in WKCD as well as the financial implications of developing and operating these facilities.

In June 2007, having carefully considered the in-depth studies and discussions conducted by the three Advisory Groups, the CC compiled a Recommendation Report which has consolidated the findings of the three Advisory Groups and submitted to the Chief Executive. A summary of the recommendations is at here.

In response to the proposal of the CC, we have launched a three-month Public Engagement (PE) exercise since 12 September 2007 to explain the recommendations of the CC and gauge public views on the WKCD project. Members of the public were encouraged to express the views through various channels.

We have commissioned the Public Policy Research Institute of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University as an independent consultant to collate and analyze public views received during the PE exercise. Their major tasks include conducting a detailed analysis of public views obtained from public forums, sector-specific briefings, meetings, written submissions, on-line discussion boards and wish cards, as well as conducting two telephone polls for the purpose of gauging and triangulating public views. The major findings are at the Executive Summary of the Report on the Analysis of Public Views of the PE exercise. The Report on the Analysis of Public Views of the PE exercise is at here. The Compendium of the Report consists of written submissions received during the PE exercise; transcripts of forums; records of discussion of briefings/meetings; and website links to other relevant records, please click here to view it.

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31 January 2008