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Saturday, April 12, 2008   
Goodnight Nurse

G NURSE PRESS 01.jpgThis is your debut album right? How was it getting into the studio for the first time?

It was good man. We’ve been together for like five years now, so we were itching to get into the studio. It was a long time coming.

How would you describe the Goodnight Nurse sound? Why do you think people are going for it?

I normally say that we’re a pop rock band that’s been influenced by punk. I don’t know why people are going for it, we just write songs! As long as we like the songs and enjoy playing them, I’m happy.

You guys have developed a rep as quite a hardworking band, do you think that’s contributed to the success you guys are having at the moment?

Definitely. We started when there were a lot of bands around that were a lot more talented on their instruments than we were, but we were just really determined, we wanted to be in a band more than anything else. That helped us a lot more than our talent originally, and then the harder we worked the better we got.

You all sound like pretty accomplished musos, how long have you all been playing?

I think I started playing guitar when I was 15, and I just turned 23 yesterday. So that’s like 8 years, wow that makes me feel old. Paul had been playing bass for like 3 months when he joined the band! I would never call myself a virtuoso or whatever, I’m more interested in the songs.

Do you find that there’s a common theme lyrically to the songs you guys write, or is it just whatever’s pissing you off at the time?

I don’t know,  it’s not always about what’s pissing us off, just what we’re feeling at the time. Our earlier singles were more about things you care about when you’re 18, like not being able to get a girl-friend or whatever, going to parties and stuff. As you get a bit older you explore different themes. The new album is a bit of a wide range, there’s some happier party kinda tunes, then there’s some serious ones about like people who have passed away and that kind of thing. I think that if you just write about what’s going on in your life, there’s always gonna be someone out there that can relate, coz we all go through some of the same things.

Do you guys write songs in a jam situation, or does someone come to practice with lyrics and a riff and you flesh it out from there?

It’s different every time. I think a lot of the time it’s like, one of us will turn up to practice with an idea, and they’ll play it to the guys and we’ll go from there. Or someone will have a finished song, and there’s nothing that really needs changes. There’s no rules really, we just do whatever’s working.

How do Goodnight Nurse plan to achieve world domination?

I don’t know man, we’ve always just followed our noses so we’ll just take it one step at a time. We’re hoping to get the album out in Aussie this year, so we’ll get to travel and play over there, and we’ll just see where that takes us.

If you could support any band on the planet right now who would it be?

I’d love to play a show with My Chemical Romance. We’re doing Edgefest in March, and it’ll be really cool to play with The Living End, that guys an amazing guitarist.

Wanna give a shout out to anybody, or share some wisdom with JET readers?

I’d just say aim for the sky and never give up.

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