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Welcome to the MSHelpWiki!

The MSHelpWiki is a knowledgebase of Microsoft Help-related information, initially created by the MicrosoftHelpMVPs and maintained by the Help authoring community (and you, if you want to get involved).

There are lots of great Help-related sites on the Web and we hope this will tie them all together by becoming a central location where you can search for answers. Please help contribute by sharing your knowledge, adding links to available resources, and publishing your tips and tricks.

The MSHelpWiki is not a place for tool-related Help authoring questions. Basically, it is an information bank, not a discussion group. If you are looking for peer-to-peer question-and-answer type discussion groups, please visit one of the public SupportGroups.

NOTE: You must register to make changes to pages or to post in the forums. The administrators get emails every time a page is changed or a question is posted. This helps prevent spammers from overtaking the site, and anyone caught spamming is removed from the user list immediately.

Getting Started

What's New

We've changed Wiki software and we're now using TikiWiki, which offers many more options (including better security).

Enjoy the Help Wiki.


Q. What is a Wiki?
A. It's a Web site where all the pages are editable. Go to the Sandbox and give it a try, using the FormattingRules.

Q. Do I need a membership or MS passport?
A. Visitors are welcome to view the pages within the site. However, you need to register if you want to modify pages.

Q. Are there rules of conduct?
A. Yes. Visit the MSHelpWikiRules page.

Q. Won't bad people destroy it?
A. If they do, community-minded people tend to repair it very quickly. Even if a page is deleted, it doesn't disappear for 14 days, giving us time to restore it.

Q. Who has responsibility for the Help Wiki?
A. Ultimately, we all do. The MicrosoftHelpMVPs keep it in shape. Bad language is removed and content posted to the wrong location is moved to the correct location.

Q. Is this a replacement for the HATT Yahoo Group?
A. No. The MSHelpWiki is an open resource.

Q. I have Help information on my site. Do I have to paste it to the Wiki?
A. No. Just link to your Web page from the appropriate place.

Q. I want to get involved. Can I correct typos and remove incorrect language?
A. Please do. The Wiki has the potential to grow very large and needs willing helpers.

Q. How do I modify a non-editable part of the Wiki?
A. Contact us, using the link on the Site Menu (upper right).

Q. Who pays for the site?
A. The site has been generously donated by JTF Hostingexternal link.

Any further questions can be answered by the Help MVPs.

Created by: Wiki Admin last modification: Monday, 10 September, 2007 [19:41:47 UTC] by CharJTF

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