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Coverage Area

The West Zone concession area covers a total of 540.43 square kilometers consisting of nine (9) cities and two (2) municipalities in Metro Manila and one (1) city and five (5) towns in Cavite province. These are the cities of Pasay, Caloocan, Las Piñas, Parañaque, Valenzuela, Muntinlupa, Manila except portions of San Andres and Sta. Ana, some parts of Makati and Quezon City, and the towns of Malabon and Navotas -- all in Metro Manila; and Cavite City and the towns of Rosario, Imus, Noveleta, Bacoor and Kawit in Cavite province.

Business Area

In order to make the distribution services in such a large service area more manageable, the West Zone was divided into two (2) areas of service management. These are the following:

  1. North Business Region services the Roosevelt and Novaliches districts in Quezon City, municipalities of Malabon, Navotas, and the cities of Valenzuela and Kalookan;
  2. South Business Region serves Manila, except some parts of Sta. Ana and San Andres, the cities of Pasay, Parañaque, Las Piñas, Cavite, part of Makati and the municipalities of Rosario, Imus, Noveleta, Bacoor and Kawit in Cavite province.

Capabilities and Facilities

Of the estimated 12.8 million inhabitants in MWSS concession area as of June 2007, 8.1 million or 60% reside in the West Zone of which 5.9 million are Maynilad's customers. As of June 2007, there are 696,805 water service connections (including private meters), 67,420 sewerage connections and a workforce of 2,350.

Maynilad receives 98% of its water from the Angat Dam. The remaining two-percent is sourced from deepwells.

From the Angat Dam, water flows to the La Mesa Treatment Plants in Novaliches, Quezon City, which at present, treats a combined 2,400 Ml/d of water. In June 2007, La Mesa Treatment Plant 1 was able to treat an average of 1,355 Ml/d out of its designed capacity of 1,500 Ml/d while La Mesa Treatment Plant 2 was able to treat an average of 872 ML/d out of its designed treatment capacity of 900 Ml/d. In addition, Maynilad sourced an average of 39 Ml/d from deepwells.

The La Mesa Treatment Plants purify water via a modern and methodical purification process. Pumping stations throughout the West Zone chlorinate water already treated at the plants in order to rid the network of contaminants. The quality of our treated water exceeds global and national standards, especcially the one prescribed by the Department of Health's Philippine National Standard for Drinking Water (PNSDW).

From the treatment plants, the water flows through Maynilad's pipe network, extending approximately 3,710 kilometers from Valenzuela in the north to Cavity City down south.

The water flows through Maynilad's network facilities which include:

  • Fifteen (15) Reservoirs in Pasay, Noveleta, Fairview 3, Fairview 4, Algeciras, La Mesa, Bagbag, Binuksuk, Espiritu, Ermita, Novaliches, Sacred Heart, Tondo, D. Tuazon, Kalookan.
  • Eleven (11) Pumping Stations in Noveleta, Pasay, La Mesa, Villamor, Kalookan, Ermita, Algeciras, Tondo, D. Tuazon, Espiritu.
  • Seven (7) Mini Boosters in Mangga, Fairview 3, Fairview 4, Philtrade, Bagbag, Novaliches, Capitol Bliss .

From the pumping stations, water is distributed to its customers. As of June 2007, 42% of our customers have a 24-hour, uninterrupted water supply, while 40% have intermittent water due to low pressure, or no water at all due to the inadequacy of the water supply. The average water pressure along the entire network is 7 psi.

Roughly 944,000 West Zone residents get their water from private water connections, deepwells, and water vendors.

At the time of privatization, there were only 464,644 service connections providing water to the West Zone. Maynilad has since installed 356,854 new water connections as of June 2007.



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