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After Get Lost failed, Andru and Esposito were on their way back to DC Comics. Bob Kaniger (the editor at the time) welcomed them back but at a cut in pay; having to work their way back up the corporate ladder.

It seems their return could not have been timed better, as the artist who worked on Wonder Woman was leaving the company. Bob assigned Mike and Ross to handle the Wonder Woman series. Andru was a bit hesitant as he never considered himself an artist built to handle attractive women. However, Andru gave life to his drawings through his dynamic penciling. The look he gave Wonder Woman caught on and with Mike on pen, they continued to work on the successful series for close to ten years.

During Mike’s stay at DC, Kaniger came up with a great story idea. “I thought and still think that was the best idea he had done,” reminisced Mike on the popular Metal Men series. “Bob left the character design up to Ross and myself, under his supervision of course. The comic did very well, we did at least ten years of that comic.”

Toward the latter part of the ten year run, Andru became tired with the series and left for Marvel comics. Mike remained to work on a few more Metal Men issues with artist Mike Sekowsky. At that time Mike also went to work with Marvel Comics.


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