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Feature: Young Indiana Jones Comes to DVD
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New Boyhood Adventures
The War Years
Meeting Belloq
The Young Indy Timeline, According to Three Seasons
The Lost Chronicles of Young Indiana Jones
April 07, 2008

Meeting Belloq

Episode #42 "New Guinea, March 1919"*
Indy's Age: 19
Subject: Anthropology
Character: Bronislaw Malinowski
Theme: Ritual

<b<Synopsis: Indy and Remy have been discharged from the Belgian Army and decide to go in search of treasure in the South Pacific. They have an encounter with headhunters and pirates and wrest a treasure box from them, which they think contains the Monk Diamond. In escaping, they land on an island and are captured by fierce head-hunting natives of New Guinea. They observe some of the rituals of these natives, then are traded to another tribe and eventually find themselves with a third tribe, where the famed anthropologist Bronislaw Malinowski is living and studying the Trobriand Islanders, a trading people. When they finally get the box open, it contains clues to locate the diamond. Remy decides to continue to look for the treasure, and after Indy talks with Malinowski, he leaves more resolved to return to America and pursue archaeology.

Note: This episode synopsis was changed significantly and expanded to become Treasure of the Peacock's Eye, available in Volume 3 of The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones on DVD. Among the changes, the treasure became Alexander the Great's diamond, and the entire first half places the action in November, 1918, at the end of the war. As described in this unproduced third season, Indy was to have been discharged in March 1919, much closer to his return date to the U.S.

Episode #43 "Bombay, April 1919"
Indy's Age: 19
Subject: Political Science
Character: Rabindranath Tagore, Mahatma Gandhi
Theme: Non-Violence

Synopsis: Indy and Remy, on a stopover from New Guinea, are in Bombay, broke and down-and-out. While Remy continues to search for clues to the treasure, Indy stays with an old friend of the family (famed Indian poet Rabindranath Tagore), who gives him a job translating a book of Gandhi's. Indy hears Gandhi speak and eventually meets him at his ashram near Bombay. He witnesses riots as a result of the general repression, and he hears of the massacre by the British at Amritsar. Indy and Remy have a disagreement over continuing to look for the treasure, as Indy wants to return to college. Indy learns first-hand the price of violence.

Episode #44 "Buenos Aires, June 1919"
Indy's Age: 19
Subject: Dance
Character: Carlos Gardel, Jose Razzano
Theme: Attitude

Synopsis: Trying to board a ship from France to New York, Indy is robbed and beaten and ends up on a ship to Argentina. He decides to earn money as a tutor to get money for his passage to America. He meets a young Argentine man who makes his living as a tango dancer, and tutors him in English, the arts, history, etc. In exchange, the boy teaches Indy the tango. The dancer is in love with a young woman whose father thinks he will never amount to anything, and Indy helps him solve the problem. In turn, the dancer helps Indy pursue an Argentinian woman to whom he is attracted.

Episode #45 "Havana, December 1919"
Indy's Age: 20
Subject: Integration
Character: Babe Ruth, Cristobal Torriente, Adolfo Luque
Theme: [none listed]

Synopsis: Indy, a freshman at the University of Chicago, gets a request from his father to spend Christmas with friends in Havana. Indy meets Cristobal Torriente, and they become friends. The story revolves around an exhibition baseball game where a white American team (which includes Babe Ruth) comes to play an integrated Cuban team. Indy learns about racism in the U.S. National Leagues. During the game, Cristobal gets the chance to play against Babe Ruth. However, he knows his dream of playing in the Major Leagues will not be realized, even though he outplays Ruth.

Episode #46 "Hollywood, Early August 1920"*
Indy's Age: 21
Subject: Filmmaking
Character: Erich Von Stroheim, Irving Thalberg, Carl Laemmle
Theme: Art vs. Commerce

Synopsis: Indy is asked by Universal Studios head Carl Laemmle in New York to go out to Hollywood to be the henchman to shut down an over-budget production directed by Erich Von Stroheim. He meets Irving Thalberg, new executive at the studio, and must take on the tyrannical Von Stroheim. Indy plots how to get the film away from Von Stroheim, who discovers the reason Indy has come to Hollywood and tries to outwit him. Indy begins a friendship with a young script editor who Is working for Von Stroheim and is dedicated to her career.

Note: This episode, along with #47, were produced as "The Hollywood Follies", available in Volume 3 of The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones on DVD.

Episode #47 "Newhall, Late August 1920"*
Indy's Age: 21
Subject: Filmmaking
Character: John Ford, Harry Carey, Wyatt Earp
Theme: Overcoming Obstacles

[ The Lost Chronicles of Young Indiana Jones  ] Synopsis: In a continuation of the Hollywood episode, Indy is need of money to return to school and goes on location with John Ford to make a western outside of Los Angeles. Because of the accidental death of one of the stars, Indy is given a major role in the film, although it is necessary for him to receive some acting lessons from Ford and Carey. He continues his relationship with the script editor he met in the previous episode. A classic two-reeler story, with a doomed love story, western footage, cowboys, stunts, etc.

Note: This episode, along with #46, were produced as "The Hollywood Follies", available in Volume 3 of The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones on DVD.

Episode #48 "Honduras, December 1920"
Indy's Age: 21
Subject: Archaeology
Character: Herbert Spinden, Frederick Mitchell-Hedges
Theme: [none listed]

Synopsis: Indy is on a field trip with art historian Herbert Spindent at Mayan ruins in Honduras. They first arrive at a Honduran port and meet some Banana Republic types before they start. Indy meets Belloq for the first time, and they begin a friendly relationship. They travel to the ruins of a Mayan city, and Indy and Belloq try to decipher Mayan hieroglyphs at the ball court, as well as discussing possible rituals and sacrifices. They discover a perfect crystal skull, which Belloq steals and sells to Frederick Mitchell-Hedges, a British adventurer.

Note: Though unproduced, Belloq and the pursuit of a crystal skull would surface in the Indiana Jones novels written by Max McCoy. And, of course, a crystal skull figures prominently in the new movie, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Episode #49 "Alaska, June 1921"
Indy's Age: 21
Subject: Anthropology
Character: Nellie Cashman, Dr. Joseph Romig
Theme: None Listed

Synopsis: Indy is on an expedition with his professor, an American anthropologist, to study Eskimos in a region east of Nome near the Arctic Circle. There they meet Nellie Cashman and Dr. Joseph Romig. Indy meets the villagers, gets to know them, learns about sledding and the care of the dog team, goes on a hunt with them, and learns about their customs. The villagers are stricken by a contagious disease, and serum must be rushed to them by dog sled so that they can be inoculated.

Episode #50 "Brazil, December 1921"
Indy's Age: 22
Subject: Anthropology
Character: Charles Fawcett
Theme: None Listed

Synopsis: Indy and Belloq go on an adventure with Charles Fawcett to find a lost city in the jungle of the Mato Grosso region of Brazil. The trek starts in Bahia, and they come across a group of American confederates living on a plantation there, witness rituals of the Candbomble religion, and encounter fierce Indians in the interior. Indy and Belloq are captured, and they separate in their escape attempt. Indy has an adventure that relates to the lost city.

Note: Though this episode was never produced, Indy did have adventure involving a lost city discovered by Charles Fawcett in the novel, Indiana Jones and the Seven Veils.

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