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Historic Inn Suffers Damage In Storms

Wynnewood Inn Built In 1828

POSTED: 5:56 pm CST February 6, 2008
UPDATED: 7:54 pm CST February 6, 2008

A national historic landmark in Castalian Springs was ripped to pieces in Tuesday night’s storms.

SLIDESHOW: Historic Inn Heavily Damaged In Storm | Video: Historic Home Damaged In Sumner Co.

The Wynnewood Inn was built in 1828 by the Wynne family and is home to decades of Sumner County history.

Most days, finding artifacts would be a historian's dream, but not Wednesday.

“This is the worst nightmare as a historic preservationist,” said a preservationist.

The inn was one of the largest log cabins built in the 19th century.

A national historic landmark and one of the oldest remaining stagecoach inns, it’s sheltered such guests as Andrew Jackson and Jesse James.

But storms made their mark on history Tuesday night.

“It’s just gone. I'm sorry,” said tour guide Nettie Bates.

Bates said she loves all of Wynnewood’s stories except its latest one.

Treasures that were gathered over decades were scattered over miles.

Dozens of volunteers will now help rebuild, and one day, Bates will be able to tell the story of 2008 when logs crumbled but the legacy of the house didn't.

“It’s become a part of my life too. And I have to kind of help preserve the history and to pass it on to other generations,” Bates said.

Historians said that in the 180 years Wynnewood Inn has been standing, it's never seen such extensive damage.