IHT adds mobile-friendly sites to digital portfolio

The global perspective on-the-go, updated every 15 minutes.

Does your mobile phone have Internet access? If so, you can browse mobile-friendly versions of the International Herald Tribune and read full text of the day's top news, features and analysis, updated every 15 minutes.

While the IHT does not charge for this service, your mobile operator's normal charges for accessing the Internet will apply.

The formatting of the IHT service will vary depending on the kind of phone you use.

- Smart phone users can bookmark mobile.iht.com where they will receive a graphical version of the IHT specially formatted for smart phones, with the day's top news, browsable by headline or section.

- WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) users can bookmark wap.iht.com to receive a text version of the International Herald Tribune.

Not sure what kind of phone you have? Enter mobile.iht.com, just like you would do on your home or office computer. You should be sent to the mobile platform that works best for your phone.

Due to the number of mobile phones available in the worldwide marketplace, appearance and loading time of the mobile sites can vary. If you experience any problems in accessing the day's top news from the IHT, please send us an e-mail that includes the complete name of the phone model you are using.

IHT Mobile with AvantGo

In addition, get the International Herald Tribune on hand-held devices using AvantGo. It's free and easy, just enter your phone number and receive a link to download the application straight to your device.


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Alternatively, you can go to avantgo.com/reg/iht from your mobile phone browser and register for free to get IHT on your device.

If you already have AvantGo Click here to Add IHT Channel