Saturday, April 12, 2008 (PARIS)
A young girl looking at the rubble of a house that was destroyed in an air strike in Basra, Iraq on Friday.
Nabil al-Jurani/The Associated Press
A young girl looking at the rubble of a house that was destroyed in an air strike in Basra, Iraq on Friday.

Gunmen kill aide to Shiite cleric in Iraq

Iraqi forces imposed a curfew in Najaf, fearing a backlash from Moktada al-Sadr's Mahdi army after the assassination by unknown gunmen.
Five Gazans killed in incursion by Israel

At least five Palestinians were killed by Israeli tank and gun fire in central Gaza on Friday, two of them boys aged 12 and 13, local Palestinian hospital officials said.
Peace deal in Central Africa collapses

The much-anticipated peace process between the Ugandan government and the notorious Lord's Resistance Army broke down Friday after the rebel army's chief negotiator quit and government officials left a remote jungle camp to return home to Uganda's capital.
Crackdown in Zimbabwe is said to intensify

The Zimbabwean authorities have arrested the lawyer for the main opposition leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, the opposition party said.
French troops seize Somali pirates after hostages are freed

Helicopter-borne French troops captured six pirates and recovered sacks of money - apparently ransom paid by the yacht's owners to win the crew's release.
Ahmadinejad to dismiss 2 cabinet ministers in Iran

No reasons were given, but it was widely believed that the removal of the Iranian economy minister, Davoud Danesh Jaffari, was part of an effort to fight inflation. The interior minister, Mostafa Pourmohammadi, is a mid-ranking cleric close to the supreme religious leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.
Top U.S. commander suggests Iraqi forces still unprepared
Hamas undertaking a broad military buildup, Israeli study finds
A top Al Qaeda operative is reported dead
Zambia seeks to answer region's 'deafening silence' on Zimbabwe crisis
Former Israeli president backs out of plea deal
Kenyans riot as negotiations break down
Cynicism trumps pride for Israel's birthday party
Letter from the Middle East: Gays in Egypt besieged by wave of suppression
As politicians squabble, Kenya's refugees still suffering
Bloggers in Iran push limits of government tolerance
Rocket fire gives town of Sderot new stature
Change in religious attitude rescues Sudan's illegitimate children
U.S. sees planning gaps in Iraqis' assault on Basra
Grand bridge for a drab Jerusalem neighborhood
From a Beirut cell, an Iraqi watches the U.S. take his advice
Zimbabwe letter: Zimbabwe's 2nd chance begins now
Iraqi deaths are on the rise again during clashes with militias
U.S. struggles to keep exports from falling into wrong hands
In Baghdad, Iraqis take their humor extra dark
A nation waits in frustration
Iraqis return to streets of Basra and Baghdad
Letter from Iraq: The alleys of the Iraqi resistance
Islam overtakes Catholicism in number of adherents
Syria's role in Lebanon causes bitter rift as Arab leaders gather

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