Redevelopment in the worlds smallest country, is now completed..
We now handle the rental of a number luxury holiday villa in the Canary Islands, go on book yourself a holiday!

Church and East Computing is now Online.
We have just completed the purchase of another property and redevelopment work begins next week!

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Thoughts from the Sealanders

The question everyone asks is why!  Well to answer that I have to go back to my childhood weekends on the Isle of Sheppey.  I used to stare out into the distance and see the Red Sands forts on the horizon and dream of living on them.  As I got older I learnt more and more about the Guy Maunsell forts and even studied as a Marine Engineer.  

About two years ago I approached the Principality with a view to leasing space in Sealand territorial waters.  This led to a number of meetings with various representatives until finally I managed to negotiate an exclusive building contract.  I also found backers, many of them willing to invest a stake in Sealand’s future.  

We had just made our first tangible investment in Sealand when it was damaged by a fire, starting in the Generator room.  This investment was actually a generator refit which was undamaged by the fire as it had not yet been reinstalled.  I was contacted by the Principality and arranged an immediate site visit.  My long term aims have not changed, however before these plans come to fruition, I have a major redevelopment to undertake.

This has not disheartened me, rather it has spurred me on.  I suppose the basis being, if Church and East can redevelop Sealand we can redevelop anything?.  Work is underway and I expect the cost to be in the region of £250000.

We are currently looking for organisations and persons who might wish to contribute to the reconstruction required.  Our list of required materials has not been fully compiled but will be available here soon alternatively if you would like to make a financial donation please click on the link at the bottom of this page. In return for any such support we would be happy to discuss publicity etc.

So is Sealand a nation?  Well yes, while people occupy it as Sealanders and live as Sealanders in full view of the world community then Sealand is a Nation.  Sealand also has a population who are from a wide geographical spread, but share similarities in character, such as resourcefulness and hardiness.  They also share an affinity with the sea and nature which makes them one of the most environmentally friendly nations on Earth.

And onto the future:  At the end of July Church and East will be sending in a further work crew to ensure that essentials are fully functional and I expect commerce to fully resume from November.  As always Church and East have room for further sponsors and investors with sensible ideas.  Please be aware that Church and East operate a policy of dual legality and will only assist and support business ventures that are legal both in the UK and Sealand.

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