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Cultural Resource Documentation

Contact Information
To arrange for avoidance flagging / monitoring of cultural resources, please contact the main EPG office number at 602.712.7767. This should be done 10 business days in advance.

In case of a discovery situation of previously unidentified cultural resources, please contact the main EPG office number at 602.712.7767.

Historic Preservation Handbook
This valuable document serves as a process, procedures, policy, and training manual for the cultural resource process for ADOT projects. It is a must-have resource for archaeologists, historic preservation specialists, and planning practitioners This handbook will help these and related disciplines to understand the what, why, who, when, where and how of the EPG Historic Preservation Team's (HPT) operations, and how these operations fit into their own processes.

Note: After the Handbook downloads, a pop-up window may appear stating that "This document contains macros." Click the button 'Yes' to continue. You may be prompt to enter a password. Instead of entering a password, click the 'Read Only' button on the lower right-corner of the password window. After that, the document will open.

purple arrow Historic Preservation Handbook (file size: 7.8MB)

HPT Portal
The HPT Portal is a central database of cultural resource documentation for the highways within the state. To obtain permission to access the HPT Portal, the user needs to fill out: Computer Access Request and Computer Access Agreement forms, and the Portal Access Request. Please fax the completed forms to the HPT Coordinator at 1.520.620.5443.

purple arrow Computer Access Request and Computer Access Agreement Forms (file size: 710KB)
purple arrow Portal Access Request Form (file size: 23KB)

Report Reviewing Checklist
The Report Reviewing Checklist is used to ensure the adequacy of cultural resource reports submitted to HPT. The Checklist is a compilation of the Arizona State Museum's Reporting Standards, the Arizona State Historic Preservation Administrative Procedures, and the Guidelines for Report Production Standards for ADOT Consultants.

purple arrow Report Reviewing Checklist (file size: 672KB)

State Historic Preservation Office Administrative Procedures
These procedures will assist the archaeologist in preparing cultural resource survey reports for consultation with the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO). These procedures are downloaded as a pdf file, and are to be viewed using Adobe Reader.

purple arrow SHPO Administrative Procedures (file size: 785KB)

Consultation Initiation Form
This form should be completed and submitted at the time a request for agency and tribal consultation initiation is made to the Historic Preservation Team. Please be sure to fill out the form in its entirety, and include the appropriate attachments to document the project undertaking, project area, prior survey, history of consultation, and confirmation of site avoidance (updated 09/11/03).

purple arrow Consultation Initiation Form (file size: 39KB)

Historic Preservation Team Flowchart
This handy flowchart details the project level components that the Environmental Planning Group has to address when clearing every highway project.

purple arrow Historic Preservation Team Flowchart (file size: 212KB)

List of Archaeological Consultants - 2007

The listing below represents the individuals, companies, and organizations that have obtained Arizona Antiquity Act Blanket Permits for 2007.

purple arrow List of Archaeological Consultants - 2007 (file size: 344KB)

Good Roads Everywhere: A History of Road Building in Arizona
This document, consisting of 178 pages, provides a historic overview of road building to help identify those roads in Arizona worthy of preservation. Due to the large file size, the document has been divided into several download links.

purple arrow Cover page, Table of Contents, Foreword, Preface, and Abstract (file size: 870KB)
purple arrow Chapters One, Two, and Three (file size: 3.3MB)
purple arrow Chapter Four (file size: 3.7MB)
purple arrow Chapter Five: Beale Wagon Road (file size: 4.7MB)
purple arrow Chapter Five: Apache Trail (file size: 3.3MB)
purple arrow Chapter Five: US 60; Superior to Claypool Tunnel (file size: 4.6MB)
purple arrow Chapter Five: Old State Highway 73 (file size: 4.2MB)
purple arrow Chapter Five: Old State Highway 79 (file size: 10.7MB)
purple arrow Chapters Six and Seven (file size: 1.5MB)
purple arrow References Cited and Photo Credits (file size: 72KB)
purple arrow Appendix A, B, and C (file size: 13.9MB)
purple arrow 1912 Arizona Road Map, 1925 Arizona Road Map, and 1939 Arizona Road Map (file size: 6.3MB)

Documents are posted as they become available in PDF format, which requires Adobe Reader to view.

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