Baseball in Wartime

Baseball's Greatest Sacrifice


Those Who Served


American League Players in Service During WWII                National League Players in Service During WWII

(including minor league players on Major League rosters)


All Major League Players Who Served with the Armed Forces in WWWII

(including post-war Major Leaguers)


First Name Last Name Position Service Theater
Clifford A "Cliff" Aberson OF US Army USA
George A Abrams P US Navy PACIFIC
Calvin R "Cal" Abrams OF US Army ETO
Joseph L "Joe" Abreau IF US Navy USA
Marion D "Bill" Adair MANAGER US Army ETO
Robert H "Bobby" Adams 2B-3B USAAF USA
Richard L "Dick" Adams 1B USAAF USA
Robert G "Bob" Addis OF US Marine Corps PACIFIC
William G "Bill" Akers IF USAAF PACIFIC
Edward J "Ed" Albosta P US Army USA
Harold J "Jack" Albright SS US Navy PACIFIC
Dale L Alderson P US Navy USA
Robert S "Bob" Alexander P US Navy USA
Baldomero M "Mel" Almada OF US Army  
Thomas E "Tom" Alston 1B US Navy USA
Wayne H Ambler SS US Navy ETO/PACIFIC
Andy H Anderson IF US Army ETO
Alfred W "Alf" Anderson SS US Navy USA
Arnold R "Arne" Anderson P US Navy PACIFIC
Ferrell J "Andy" Anderson C US Army ETO
Harold N "Hal" Anderson OF    
William E "Bill" Anderson P US Army  
Arnold R "Red" Anderson P US Navy PACIFIC
Ernest H "Ernie" Andres 3B US Navy ATLANTIC
Herbert C "Hub" Andrews P USAAF  
William M "Bill" Andrus 3B US Army USA
William J "Bill" Antonello OF US Navy PACIFIC
Peter W "Pete" Appleton (Jablonowski) P US Navy USA
Lucius B "Luke" Appling SS US Army USA
Angel V, Jr "Jack" Aragon C US Coast Guard USA
George A Archie 3B-1B US Army ETO
Rinaldo J "Rugger" Ardizoia P USAAF PACIFIC
Henry I "Hank" Arft 1B US Navy PACIFIC
Morris "Morrie" Arnovich OF US Army USA
Joseph H "Joe" Astroth C Coast Guard USA
James C "Jim" Atkins P US Marine Corps PACIFIC
William F "Bill" Atwood C USAAF CBI
Leycester D "Leslie" Aulds C USAAF USA
Martin G "Chick" Autry C US Marine Corps  
William O "Bill" Ayers P US Army ETO
Richard J "Dick" Aylward C US Army ETO
Frederic J "Fred" Baczewski P USAAF  
James C J, Jr "Jim" Bagby P Merchant Marine  
Edson G "Ed" Bahr P US Navy  
William P "Bill" Baker C US Navy USA
Eugene W "Gene" Baker 2B/3B US Navy  
Robert R "Bobby" Balcena OF US Navy  
Harold E "Hal" Bamberger OF    
George I Bamberger P US Army MTO/ETO
Daniel R "Dan" Bankhead P US Marine Corps USA
John D "Red" Barkley IF USAAF USA
Albert J "Al" Barlick UMPIRE US Coast Guard USA
Rex E Barney P US Army ETO
Victor D "Vic" Barnhart SS US Army  
Richard "Dick" Bartell SS US Navy USA
Boyd O Bartley SS US Army  
David R "Dave" Bartosch OF Coast Guard  
Romanus "Monty" Basgall 2B US Army  
Hubert E "Bud" Bates OF US Navy USA
Matthew D "Matt" Batts C USAAF USA
Henry A "Hank" Bauer OF US Marine Corps PACIFIC
Russell L "Russ" Bauers P US Army ETO
Frank C Baumholtz OF US Navy ATLANTIC
Cramer T "Ted" Beard OF US Army PACIFIC
Henry E "Gene" Bearden P US Navy PACIFIC
John "Johnny" Beazley P US Army USA
Joseph E "Joe" Becker C US Navy  
Clarence S Beers P USAAF  
Joseph S "Joe" Beggs P US Navy ATLANTIC
Henry "Hank" Behrman P US Army ETO
Alojzy F "Ollie" Bejma IF US Navy  
Fernando J L "Fern" Bell OF US Navy PACIFIC
Roy C "Beau" Bell OF US Army  
Raymond A "Ray" Benge P US Navy PACIFIC
Joseph R "Joe" Bennett 3B US Army  
Vernon A "Vern" Benson OF US Army  
John A "Al" Benton P US Navy  
John "Johnny" Berardino 2B US Naval Reserve USA
Morris "Moe" Berg C OSS ETO
Louis W "Boze" Berger IF USAAF USA
Walter "Wally" Berger OF US Navy USA
John G "Johnny" Bero IF USAAF  
Lawrence P "Yogi" Berra C US Navy ETO
Joseph H "Joe" Jr Berry   US Marine Corps PACIFIC
Cornelius J "Neil" Berry IF USAAF  
Herman A Besse P US Navy  
Louis E "Lou" Bevil (Bevilacqua) P US Army  
Henry A "Hank" Biasatti 1B Canadian Army  
Vernon E "Vern" Bickford P US Army PACIFIC
James M "Jim" Bilbrey P US Navy  
Frank S "Porky" Biscan P US Navy USA
Charles T "Charlie" Bishop P US Navy  
Hiram G "Hi" Bithorn P US Navy PACIFIC
James N "Jim" Bivin P US Marine Corps PACIFIC
Joseph "Joe" Black P US Army  
Wayne T Blackburn COACH US Army  
James R "Jim" Blackburn P US Army ETO
Ewell "The Whip" Blackwell P US Army ETO
Louis N "Buddy" Blair 3B USAAF USA
Edward J "Ed" Blake P US Army PACIFIC
Lincoln H "Linc" Blakely OF US Navy USA
Prosper A "Al" Blanche P US Army  
John L "Johnny" Blatnik OF USAAF USA
Robert G "Buddy" Blattner IF US Navy PACIFIC
Seymour "Cy" Block 3B US Coast Guard  
James H "Jimmy" Bloodworth 2B US Army  
Michael J "Mike" Blyzka P US Army  
Milton F "Milt" Bocek OF US Army PACIFIC
Joseph E "Eddie" Bockman 3B US Navy USA
John E "Jack" Bolling 1B US Army  
Donald R "Don" Bollweg 1B US Army USA
Cecil G Bolton 1B US Army  
William C "Cliff" Bolton C US Army  
Julio G Bonetti P US Army  
William J "Bill" Bonness P US Army  
Henry J "Zeke" Bonura 1B US Army MTO
Raymond O "Ray" Boone IF US Navy  
Edward J "Red" Borom IF US Army  
Melvin E "Mel" Bosser P US Army  
John C Bottarini C USAAF  
David T "Tim" Bowden OF US Army  
Grover B Bowers OF US Army ETO
Charles J "Charlie" Bowles P USAAF USA
Robert R "Bob" Boyd 1B/OF US Army  
Cloyd V Boyer P US Navy USA
Gilbert H "Gibby" Brack OF US Navy PACIFIC
Henry V "Vic" Bradford OF US Navy USA
William D "Bill" Bradford P US Navy  
Fred L Bradley P US Navy  
George T Bradshaw C US Marine Corps  
Robert R "Bobby" Bragan SS-C US Army USA
Albert "Al" Brancato SS US Navy PACIFIC
Norman D "Norm" Branch P US Coast Guard  
William G "Bill" Brandt P US Navy USA
Alpha E "Al" Brazle P US Army ETO
William R "Bill" Breckinridge P US Army  
Herbert F "Herb" Bremer C US Army ETO
John H "Jack" Brewer P US Navy  
Thomas J D "Tommy" Bridges P US Army USA
Leland V "Lou" Brissie P US Army MEDITERRANEAN
John A "Jack" Brittin P US Navy PACIFIC
John J "Johnny" Broaca P US Army  
Kenneth L "Ken" Brondell P US Army  
Sigmund T "Sig" Broskie C US Navy  
Giuseppe G "Joe" Brovia   US Army  
James R "Jimmy" Brown IF USAAF  
Willard J "Big Bill" Brown OF US Army ETO
Mace S Brown P US Navy/US Marine Corps PACIFIC
Norman "Norm" Brown P US Army  
Hector H "Hal" Brown P USAAF  
Robert W "Bobby" Brown 3B US Navy  
Walter G "Jumbo" Brown P US Navy USA
John L "Lindsay" Brown SS US Navy  
Walter R "Roy" Bruner P US Navy USA
William H "Bill" Bruton OF US Army  
Harold F "Hal" Bubser UNKNOWN US Army  
John G "Johnny" Bucha C US Navy  
Garland M Buckeye P US Navy  
Michael J "Mike" Budnick P US Navy PACIFIC
Cyril O "Cy" Buker P US Army USA
Nelson E Burbrink C US Navy  
Forrest H "Smoky" Burgess C US Army  
William M "Bill" Burich SS-3B US Army MEDITERRANEAN
Robert J "Bobby" Burke P US Navy  
George H Burpo P US Navy USA
Paul R Burris C US Army  
Edward F "Moe" Burtschy P US Navy  
James F "Jim" Busby OF US Army  
Joseph H "Joe" Buskey SS US Army  
Wilburn R "Bill" Butland P US Army PACIFIC
Ralph S Buxton P US Navy  
Samuel D "Sammy" Byrd OF US Navy  
Harry G Byrd P US Army  
Thomas J "Tommy" Byrne P US Navy MEDITERRANEAN
Thomas "Tom" Cafego OF US Army  
Robert M "Bob" Cain P US Navy  
Bruce Caldwell OF US Navy  
Frederick J "Fred" Caligiuri P US Army ETO/MTO
Henry R "Hank" Camelli C US Army  
Alexander S "Al" Campanis (Campani) 2B US Navy USA
Paul M Campbell 1B USAAF ETO
Clarence "Soup" Campbell OF US Army PACIFIC
Bruce D Campbell OF USAAF USA
John M Campbell P US Navy  
Mario C "Milo" Candini P US Army PACIFIC
Michael J "Mike" Cantwell P US Marine Corps  
John B Carden P US Marine Corps USA
Thomas F A "Tom" Carey 2B US Navy  
James A "Jim" Carlin OF US Navy PACIFIC
Edwin E "Ed" Carnett OF US Navy USA
Daniel J "Dan" Carnevale COACH US Army ETO
Robert L "Bob" Carpenter P US Army USA
Walter L "Kit" Carson OF US Army  
Frank W Carswell OF US Marine Corps USA
Hugh T Casey P US Navy PACIFIC
Jack D Cassini 2B USAAF USA
James V "Jim" Castiglia C US Army USA
Peter P "Pete" Castiglione 3B US Navy PACIFIC
Hardin A Cathey P US Army  
Rex R Cecil P US Army  
Marvin A "Pete" Center P USAAF USA
Bill Chamberlain P US Army  
Spurgeon F "Spud" Chandler P US Army USA
Edward O "Ed" Chandler P USAAF PACIFIC
Samuel B "Sam" Chapman OF US Navy USA
William F "Fred" Chapman SS US Navy PACIFIC
William B "Ben" Chapman OF-P US Navy USA
Paul Chervinko C USAAF  
Robert V "Bob" Chesnes P Coast Guard  
Mitchell "Mitch" Chetkovich P US Army  
Louis P "Lou" Chiozza IF US Army  
Robert H "Bob" Chipman P US Army  
Walter J Chipple (Chilipala) OF US Navy USA
Emory N "Bubba" Church P USAAF CBI
Nestor L, Jr Chylak UMPIRE US Army ETO
Thaddeus W "Ted" Cieslak 3B US Army USA
Albert J "Al" Cihocki IF Coast Guard  
Louis A "Lou" Ciola P US Navy PACIFIC
Alfred A "Allie" Clark OF US Army  
Melvin E "Mel" Clark OF US Navy PACIFIC
Michael J "Mike" Clark P US Army  
William S "Stu" Clarke IF US Navy  
James B “Buzz” Clarkson SS US Army  
Joseph C "Joe" Cleary P US Army  
Chester S "Chet" Clemens OF US Navy  
William M "Bill" Clemensen P US Army  
Thomas K "Tom" Clyde P US Army  
David L "Dave" Coble C USAAF  
Gordon S "Mickey" Cochrane C US Navy PACIFIC
Andrew H "Andy" Cohen 2B US Army MEDITERRANEAN
Richard R "Dick" Cole IF US Army  
Edward W "Ed" Cole (Kisleauskas) P US Army  
Gerald F "Jerry" Coleman 2B US Navy/US Marine Corps PACIFIC
Joseph P "Joe" Coleman P US Navy PACIFIC
Raymond L "Ray" Coleman OF US Navy MTO/PACIFIC
Edward T, Jr "Eddie" Collins OF US Navy PACIFIC
Joseph E "Joe" Collins (Kollonige) 1B US Navy  
Merrill R "Merl" Combs IF US Army  
Richard "Dick" Conger P US Marine Corps  
William W "Bill" Connelly P US Marine Corps PACIFIC
Mervin T "Bud" Connolly SS US Navy  
Mervin J "Merv" Connors 3B-1B US Army ETO
Kevin J A "Chuck" Connors 1B US Army USA
William G "Bill" Conroy C US Navy USA
Jack C Conway SS US Navy PACIFIC
Herbert L "Herb" Conyers 1B USAAF  
Rollin E Cook P US Army  
Allen L "Dusty" Cooke OF US Navy USA
Raymond F "Bobby" Coombs P US Navy PACIFIC
Robert D "Bob" Cooney P US Army  
William W "Walker" Cooper C US Navy USA
Orge P "Pat" Cooper 1B-P US Army  
Calvin A "Cal" Cooper P US Navy  
Henry P Coppola P US Navy  
Claude E Corbitt IF USAAF USA
Edward C "Ed" Cotter IF US Navy  
Clinton D "Clint" Courtney C US Army PACIFIC
William D "Bill" Cox P US Army USA
William R "Billy" Cox SS-3B US Army ETO
Harry F Craft OF US Navy PACIFIC
Howard O Craghead P US Navy  
Henry C "Shag" Crawford UMPIRE US Navy PACIFIC
Patrick F "Pat" Creeden 2B US Navy  
Bernard O "Bernie" Creger SS US Navy  
Robert A "Bob" Cremins P USAAF  
Frank A J "Creepy" Crespi 2B US Army USA
Walker J Cress P    
John M "Jack" Crimian P US Army  
Joffre J "Jeff" Cross IF US Navy USA
Frank D "Dingle" Croucher SS-2B USAAF USA
George D Crowe 1B US Army CBI
Alfred E "Al" Cuccinello 2B Coast Guard  
Bernard A "Bud" Culloton P US Army  
Benjamin B "Benny" Culp C US Navy  
Vernon E "Vern" Curtis P US Navy  
Nicholas D "Dom" Dallessandro OF US Army USA
Frederick C "Tony" Daniels 2B US Marine Corps  
Harry "The Horse" Danning C USAAF USA
Clifford R "Cliff" Dapper C US Navy PACIFIC
Alvin R "Al" Dark SS US Marine Corps PACIFIC
Frank Dascoli UMPIRE US Coast Guard  
Robert F "Bob" Daughters PR US Navy  
James B "Jim" Davis P US Marine Corps  
John H "Red" Davis 3B USAAF  
Lawrence C "Crash" Davis 2B US Navy USA
Otis A "Scat" Davis OF US Navy USA
Thomas O "Tod" Davis IF US Army  
George A Davis P US Army  
Woodrow W "Woody" Davis P US Navy  
Ellis F "Cot" Deal P USAAF USA
Alfred L "Chubby" Dean P-1B USAAF PACIFIC
Paul D "Daffy" Dean P US Army  
Michael D "Mike" Dejan OF US Army  
William C "Bill" DeKoning C Merchant Marine  
Garton L Del Savio SS Coast Guard  
James H "Jim" Delsing OF US Army ETO
William L "Billy" DeMars SS US Navy USA
Samuel J "Sam" Dente IF US Army  
Eugene A "Gene" Desautels C US Marine Corps USA
Robert S "Ducky" Detweiler 3B US Army USA
Melvin E "Mel" Deutsch P US Army  
Charles "Charlie" Devens P US Navy  
George "Skeets" Dickey C US Navy PACIFIC
William M "Bill" Dickey C US Naval Reserve PACIFIC
George E "Emerson" Dickman P US Navy  
Murry M Dickson P US Army ETO
Charles E A "Chuck" Diering OF US Army PACIFIC
William J "Bill" Dietrich P US Navy  
Lloyd A "Dutch" Dietz P US Army  
Robert B "Bob" Dillinger 3B USAAF PACIFIC
Dominic P "Dom" DiMaggio OF US Navy PACIFIC
Joseph "Joe" DiMaggio OF USAAF PACIFIC
Robert L P "Bob" DiPietro OF US Army  
Raymond J "Ray" Dobens P US Navy CBI
Andrew J "Jess" Dobernic P US Army  
Joseph G "Joe" Dobson P US Army USA
Lawrence E "Larry" Doby OF US Navy PACIFIC
Robert P "Bobby" Doerr 2B US Army USA
August "Augie" Donatelli UMPIRE USAAF ETO
Willard E "Bill" Donovan P US Navy  
Harry "Fritz" Dorish P US Army PACIFIC
Calvin L "Cal" Dorsett P US Marine Corps PACIFIC
John F Douglas 1B US Navy  
Howard J "Danny" Doyle C USAAF USA
Thomas K "Tom" Drake P US Navy  
Clemens J "Clem" Dreisewerd P US Navy USA
John J Dudra IF US Army  
Grant L Dunlap OF US Marine Corps  
Elmer C "Red" Durrett OF US Marine Corps PACIFIC
Ervin F "Erv" Dusak OF-P US Army PACIFIC
James R "Jim" Dyck 3B-OF US Navy  
Thomas F A "Tom" Earley P US Navy USA
Jacob W "Jake" Early C US Army ETO
George L "Moose" Earnshaw P US Navy PACIFIC
Gordon H "Hugh" East P US Navy USA
Luscious Luke "Luke" Easter 1B US Army  
Zebulon V "Zeb" Eaton P US Army  
John G "Johnny" Echols   US Army  
Charles W "Charlie" Eckert P USAAF  
Henry A "Hank" Edwards OF US Army USA
Charles Bruce "Bruce" Edwards C US Army  
Foster H Edwards P US Army  
Elmer A Eggert 2B USAAF  
Jacob H "Jake" Eisenhart P US Army  
Harry Eisenstat P USAAF  
Henry K "Heinie" Elder P US Army  
Peter "Pete" Elko 3B US Army USA
Charles W "Red" Embree P US Army  
William F "Bill" Endicott OF US Army  
Charles D "Charlie" English IF    
Delmer "Del" Ennis OF US Navy PACIFIC
Russell E "Russ" Ennis C US Army  
Albert P "Al" Epperly P    
Harold F "Hal" Epps OF US Marine Corps PACIFIC
Aubrey L "Yo-Yo" Epps C US Marine Corps PACIFIC
Edward L S "Eddie" Erautt P US Army USA
Joseph M "Joe" Erautt C USAAF PACIFIC
Harold J "Hal" Erickson P USAAF PACIFIC
Calvin C "Cal" Ermer 2B US Marine Corps USA
Carl D Erskine P US Navy USA
William L "Bill" Evans P US Army ETO
Alfred H "Al" Evans C US Navy USA
Russell E "Red" Evans P US Navy  
Walter A "Hoot" Evers OF USAAF USA
George L Eyrich P US Navy PACIFIC
Everett J Fagan P US Army  
Ferris "Burrhead" Fain 1B USAAF PACIFIC
George D "Flash" Fallon SS-2B    
Luvern C "Vern" Fear P US Navy  
Alfred "Al" Federoff 2B-SS USAAF  
William P "Dutch" Fehring C US Navy USA
Edward I "Eddie" Feinberg SS US Army ETO
Marvin W "Marv" Felderman C US Navy PACIFIC
Robert W A "Bob" Feller P US Navy ATLANTIC/PACIFIC
Edward P "Ed" Fernandes C US Navy USA
Froilan "Nanny" Fernandez 3B USAAF  
William J "Bill" Ferrazzi P US Navy  
Thomas J "Tom" Ferrick P US Navy PACIFIC
David M "Dave" Ferriss P USAAF USA
Wilson L "Chick" Fewster IF Merchant Marine  
Stephen C "Steve" Filipowicz OF-C US Marine Corps  
Thomas M "Tommy" Fine P USAAF  
Charles W "Carl" Fischer P USAAF  
Joseph P "Joe" Fitzgerald COACH US Army USA
Walter L "Wally" Flager SS US Army  
John F "Red" Flaherty UMPIRE US Marine Corps  
Albert D "Al" Flair 1B US Army PACIFIC
Raymond A "Ray" Flanigan P US Army ETO
Leslie F "Bill" Fleming P US Army USA
Elburt P "Elbie" Fletcher 1B US Navy PACIFIC
Charles W "Wes" Flowers P US Navy  
Stuart M "Stu" Flythe P US Army  
Dee V Fondy 1B US Army ETO
Richard J "Dick" Fowler P Canadian Army CANADA
Charlie F "Irish" Fox C US Navy ATLANTIC
Frederick M "Fred" Frankhouse P US Army  
James W "Jack" Franklin P US Army  
Murray A "Moe" Franklin 3B US Navy USA
Herman L Franks C US Navy PACIFIC
Joseph F "Joe" Frazier OF Coast Guard  
Edwin C "Ed" Freed OF US Army  
George W Freese 3B USAAF  
Vern D Freiberger 1B US Navy  
Antonio "Tony" Freitas P USAAF ETO
Lawrence "Larry" French P US Navy ETO/PACIFIC
Walter E French OF US Army  
Linus R "Lonny" Frey 2B US Army USA
James R "Jim" Fridley OF US Army  
Fred F Frink OF US Marine Corps  
Charles A "Charlie" Frye P US Army  
Carl A "Skoonj" Furillo OF US Army PACIFIC
Lester L "Les" Fusselman C US Army  
Frank H Gabler P Coast Guard  
Kenneth H "Ken" Gables P US Army  
Leonard H "Len" Gabrielson 1B US Navy  
Willard R "Nemo" Gaines P US Navy  
Milton "Milt" Galatzer OF US Army  
Dennis W "Denny" Galehouse P US Navy USA
Joseph E "Joe" Gallagher OF US Army  
Stanley J "Stan" Galle (Galazewski) 3B US Coast Guard  
Lee J Gamble OF US Army USA
Joseph  S "Joe" Gantenbein IF US Army  
Joseph H "Joe" Garagiola C US Army PACIFIC
Alexander "Alex" Garbowski UNKNOWN US Army  
Edward M "Mike" Garcia P US Army ETO
David "Dave" Garcia MANAGER US Army  
Arthur E "Art" Garibaldi IF Coast Guard  
Virgil C "Cecil" Garriott OF US Army  
Robert F "Ford" Garrison OF US Navy USA
Ned F Garver P US Navy  
Sidney A "Sid" Gautreaux C US Army PACIFIC
Eugene F J "Huck" Geary SS US Navy  
Peter "Pete" Gebrian P US Army  
Elmer J Gedeon OF USAAF ETO
Charles L "Charlie" Gehringer 2B US Navy USA
Paul A Gehrman P US Army  
Charles M "Charlie" Gelbert SS-3B US Navy USA
Joseph E "Joe" Genewich P US Navy  
George M Genovese SS US Army  
Samuel C "Sam" Gentile OF US Navy  
Stephen P "Steve" Gerkin P US Army USA
John G "Johnny" Gerlach IF USAAF  
Floyd G Giebell P US Coast Guard USA
Charles M "Charlie" Gilbert OF US Navy PACIFIC
Andrew "Andy" Gilbert OF USAAF  
George L Gill P USAAF  
Paul A Gillespie C US Coast Guard  
Myron N "Joe" Ginsberg C US Army PACIFIC
Albert F "Al" Gionfriddo OF US Army USA
James W "Jim" Gladd C US Army ETO
Roland E Gladu 3B US Army  
Thomas G "Tommy" Glaviano IF US Coast Guard  
James J "Jim" Gleeson OF US Navy PACIFIC
Joseph C "Joe" Glenn (Gurzensky) C US Navy PACIFIC
Alban "Al" Glossop IF US Navy PACIFIC
Leslie E "Lonnie" Goldstein 1B US Army  
Isadore "Izzy" Goldstein P US Army  
Stanley "Stan" Goletz   USAAF  
Mike M Goliat 2B US Army PACIFIC
Joe M "Smokey" Gonzales P US Navy PACIFIC
William D "Billy" Goodman 2B-3B US Navy PACIFIC
James P "Jim" Goodwin P US Army  
Raymond D "Ray" Goolsby OF US Army  
Sidney "Sid" Gordon 3B-OF US Coast Guard USA
Joseph L "Joe" Gordon SS USAAF PACIFIC
Thomas D "Tom" Gorman P US Army MEDITERRANEAN
Herbert A "Herb" Gorman OF US Coast Guard  
Henry F "Hank" Gornicki P US Army  
John J P "Johnny" Gorsica (Gorczyca) P US Navy USA
Nicholas E "Nick" Goulish OF US Army  
Henry M "Hank" Gowdy COACH US Army USA
Joseph L "Joe" Grace OF US Navy PACIFIC
Robert E "Earl" Grace C US Army  
John B "Jack" Graham OF-1B USAAF  
Newton M "Mickey" Grasso C US Army N AFRICA
Ted G Gray P US Navy PACIFIC
Henry B "Hank" Greenberg OF-1B US Army/USAAF CBI
Kent Greenfield P USAAF  
Paul E Gregory P US Navy  
Lewis E "Buddy" Gremp 1B US Navy USA
Ross A Grimsley P USAAF ETO
Lee T Grissom P US Army USA
Marvin E "Marv" Grissom P US Navy  
John "Johnny" Grodzicki P US Army ETO
John T "Johnny" Groth OF US Navy USA
Ernest W "Ernie" Groth P US Marine Corps PACIFIC
Sigmund S "Sig" Gryska SS US Navy  
Benjamin J "Ben" Guintini OF US Army  
Witt O "Lefty" Guise P US Army  
Louis J "Lou" Guisto 1B US Navy  
Harry E "Gunboat" Gumbert P US Army USA
Randall P "Randy" Gumpert P US Coast Guard  
Berthold J "Bert" Haas 1B-3B US Army MEDITERRANEAN
Robert J "Bob" Habenicht P USAAF  
Warren L Hacker P US Marine Corps PACIFIC
Richard F "Dick" Hahn C US Navy  
Samuel "Sammy" Hairston C    
Chester "Chet" Hajduk 1B US Navy PACIFIC
George S Halas OF US Navy  
Robert L "Bob" Hall P Coast Guard  
William A "Bill" Hallahan P US Army  
Jack P Hallett P US Navy PACIFIC
Ralph C Hamner P US Navy PACIFIC
Granville W "Granny" Hamner SS US Army  
Raymond B "Ray" Hamrick 2B-SS US Navy USA
Morris M "Buddy" Hancken C US Marine Corps  
Andrew V "Andy" Hansen P US Army  
Donald T "Don" Hanski (Hanyzewski) P US Army  
William E "Bud" Hardin IF US Army MEDITERRANEAN
Francis J "Red" Hardy P US Navy  
William B "Bill" Harman P US Marine Corps  
Charles B "Chuck" Harmon 3B-OF US Navy USA
Maurice C "Mickey" Harris P US Army CANAL ZONE
Robert N "Ned" Harris OF US Navy PACIFIC
Robert A "Bob" Harris P US Navy PACIFIC
Chalmer L "Lum" Harris P US Navy PACIFIC
Charles "Bubba" Harris P US Navy  
Earl "Irish" Harrist P USAAF  
Samuel "Sam" Harshany C US Naval Reserve PACIFIC
John E "Jack" Harshman P US Navy  
Christian H "Chris" Hartje C Coast Guard  
Roy T "Spec" Hartsfield 2B US Navy USA
Clinton C "Clint" Hartung P-OF USAAF USA
Donald I "Don" Hasenmayer 2B-3B US Navy  
John A "Buddy" Hassett 1B US Navy PACIFIC
Charles E "Gene" Hasson 1B US Army  
Fred J Hatfield IF US Army  
Ray W Hathaway P US Navy  
Joseph H "Joe" Hatten P US Navy  
Grady E Hatton 3B-2B USAAF USA
Christopher F "Chris" Haughey P US Army  
Philip D "Phil" Haugstad P    
James M "Jim" Hayes P US Navy  
Edward M "Ed" Head P US Army USA
Jehosie "Jay" Heard P US Army  
James T "Jim" Hearn P US Army PACIFIC
Thomas G "Tommy" Heath C US Army  
Wallace A "Wally" Hebert P US Navy  
Randolph R "Randy" Heflin P US Navy  
James E "Jim" Hegan C US Coast Guard  
Val R Heim OF US Navy USA
Kenneth A "Ken" Heintzelman P US Army ETO
Henry H "Hank" Helf C US Navy  
Ralston B "Rollie" Hemsley C US Navy PACIFIC
Thomas D "Tommy" Henrich OF US Coast Guard USA
Roy K Henshaw P US Navy  
William J B "Billy" Herman 2B US Navy PACIFIC
Eugene V "Gene" Hermanski OF US Coast Guard USA
Charles L "Buck" Herzog IF US Army  
John E "Johnny" Hetki P US Army  
James R "Jim" Hickey P US Navy USA
Clarence W "Buddy" Hicks IF US Navy  
Walter "Kirby" Higbe P US Army PACIFIC
Michael F "Pinky" Higgins 3B US Navy USA
Andrew A "Andy" High 3B US Navy PACIFIC
Walter F  "Whitey" Hilcher P US Army ETO
Jesse T Hill OF US Navy USA
Avitus B "Vedie" Himsl MANAGER US Navy  
Harley P Hisner P US Army  
William C "Billy" Hitchcock SS-3B USAAF PACIFIC
Jimmy Hitchcock   US Navy  
Lloyd E Hittle P US Army  
Myril O Hoag OF USAAF  
Melvin A "Mel" Hoderlein IF USAAF  
Gilbert R "Gil" Hodges (Hodge) 1B US Marine Corps PACIFIC
Elmer R "Ralph" Hodgin OF-3B US Army USA
Aloysius J "Eli" Hodkey P US Army  
Frank J "Lefty" Hoerst P US Navy ATLANTIC/PACIFIC
Robert G "Bobby" Hofman IF US Army  
Robert C "Bobby" Hogue P US Navy  
Robert N "Bob" Hooper P USAAF  
Richard L "Dick" Hoover P US Navy  
James M "Jim" Hopper P US Army USA
Vernard A "Vern" Hoscheit COACH USAAF USA
Ralph G "Major" Houk C US Army ETO
Lee V "Lefty" Howard P US Navy PACIFIC
Calvin E Howe P US Army  
Homer E "Dixie" Howell C US Army ETO
Millard "Dixie" Howell P US Army ETO
Roland E "Tex" Hoyle P US Army  
Otto Huber IF US Army  
George W "Willis" Hudlin P USAAF  
Sidney C "Sid" Hudson P USAAF USA
Benjamin F "Ben" Huffman C US Navy PACIFIC
Thomas O "Tommy" Hughes P US Army USA
James R "Jim" Hughes P US Marine Corps PACIFIC
Cecil C "Tex" Hughson P USAAF PACIFIC
Oliver J "Joel" Hunt OF USAAF  
Herbert H "Herb" Hunter IF US Navy  
Frederick C "Fred" Hutchinson P US Navy PACIFIC
Clarence E "Hooks" Iott P USAAF USA
Monford "Monte" Irvin OF US Army ETO
Ranson J "Randy" Jackson 3B US Navy USA
John L Jackson P US Army  
Anthony R "Tony" Jacobs P US Marine Corps PACIFIC
Sigmund "Sig" Jakucki P US Army  
Leroy G "Roy" Jarvis C US Navy  
Harold B "Hal" Jeffcoat OF/P US Army MEDITERRANEAN
Frank A Jelinich OF US Navy  
William L "Bill" Jennings SS Merchant Marine  
Arthur H "Art" Johnson P US Navy PACIFIC
Earl D "Lefty" Johnson P US Army ETO
Adam R, Jr "Rankin" Johnson P US Navy PACIFIC
Silas K "Si" Johnson P US Navy USA
William R "Billy" Johnson 3B US Army ETO
Kenneth W "Ken" Johnson P US Army PACIFIC
Clifford “Connie” Johnson P US Army  
Ernest T "Ernie" Johnson P US Marine Corps PACIFIC
Donald R "Don" Johnson P US Army  
Russell C "Jing" Johnson P US Navy  
Roy M "Pop" Joiner P US Army  
Stanley E "Stan" Jok 3B-OF US Navy  
David "Dave" Jolly P US Army  
Dale E "Nubs" Jones P US Navy PACIFIC
James M "Jake" Jones 1B US Navy PACIFIC
Vernal L "Nippy" Jones 1B US Marine Corps PACIFIC
Sheldon L "Available" Jones P USAAF CANAL ZONE
Willie E "Puddin' Head" Jones 3B US Navy  
Niles C Jordan P US Navy  
John D "Spider" Jorgenson 3B USAAF  
Walter F "Walt" Judnich OF USAAF PACIFIC
Howard K "Howie" Judson P US Navy  
John S "Red" Juelich IF US Army  
Kenneth P "Ken" Jungels P US Army USA
Alvin J "Al" Jurisich P US Coast Guard USA
Robert W "Bob" Kahle   US Navy  
Frank B "Fats" Kalin (Kalinkiewicz) OF US Army  
Alexis W "Alex" Kampouris 2B USAAF  
Martin G "Marty" Karow (Karowsky) IF US Navy  
Herbert "Herb" Karpel P US Army ETO
Edward T "Eddie" Kazak (Tkaczuk) 3B US Army ETO
Edward P "Eddie" Kearse C US Army  
Robert C "Bob" Keegan P US Army MEDITERRANEAN
Chester L "Chet" Kehn P USAAF PACIFIC
Francis E "Frankie" Kelleher OF US Army USA
Charles "Charlie" or "King Kong" Keller OF Merchant Marine USA
Alexander R "Alex" Kellner P US Navy USA
William H "Bill" Kelly 1B US Army  
Kenneth F "Ken" Keltner 3B US Navy PACIFIC
Robert D "Bob" Kennedy 3B-OF US Marine Corps PACIFIC
William G "Bill" Kennedy P US Army ETO
Montia C "Monte" Kennedy P US Army USA
Arthur J  "Art" Kenney P USAAF ETO
Wayman W "Bill" Kerksieck P US Army  
Russell E "Russ" Kerns C US Army ETO
Ellis R "Old Folks" Kinder P US Army  
Ralph M Kiner OF US Navy Air Corps PACIFIC
Lynn P King OF USAAF  
Ernest A "Ernie" Kish OF Coast Guard  
George M Kissell COACH US Navy PACIFIC
Hubert M "Hub" Kittle COACH US Army  
Louis F "Lou" Klein 2B US Coast Guard USA
Theodore O "Ted" Kleinhans P US Army ETO
Robert H "Bob" Klinger P US Navy PACIFIC
Austin Knickerbocker OF US Army  
William H "Bill" Knickerbocker SS US Army  
John "Jack" Knott P US Army ETO
Donald M "Don" Kolloway 2B US Army ETO
Bruno B "Bruce" Konopka 1B US Navy PACIFIC
Casimir James "Jim" Konstanty P US Navy USA
Clement J "Clem" Koshorek IF US Army  
George B "Dave" Koslo (Koslowski) P US Army ETO
Michael T "Mike" Kosman   US Marine Corps  
Ernest A "Ernie" Koy OF US Navy  
Albert K "Al" Kozar 2B US Army  
Joseph P "Joe" Kracher C US Army  
Joseph V L "Joe" Krakauskas P RCAF CANADA
John H "Jack" Kramer P US Navy USA
John W "Jack" Kraus P US Army  
Lewis B "Lew" Krausse P US Army  
Albert J "Mickey" Kreitner C US Army  
Charles S "Charlie" Kress 1B US Army  
Louis H "Lou" Kretlow P USAAF USA
Kurt F Krieger P US Army  
Howard W "Howie" Krist P US Army ETO
Richard D "Dick" Kryhoski 1B US Navy PACIFIC
John A "Johnny" Kucab P US Army  
Stanislaw L "Steve" Kuczek UNKNOWN US Army  
Bernard C "Bert" Kuczynski P US Navy PACIFIC
Emil B Kush P US Navy USA
Robert L "Bob" Kuzava P US Army CBI
Alexander "Al" Kvasnak OF US Army  
Clement W "Clem" Labine P US Army  
Doyle M "Porky" Lade P US Coast Guard  
Joseph J "Joe" Lafata OF-1B US Army  
Alfred A "Al" LaMacchia P US Army  
Frank "Hank" Lamanna P USAAF  
Raymond S "Ray" Lamanno C US Navy PACIFIC
Eugene M "Gene" Lambert P US Army  
Clayton P Lambert P USAAF USA
Stanley A "Stan" Landes UMPIRE US Marine Corps  
Walter O "Walt" Lanfranconi P US Army  
Donald C "Don" Lang 3B USAAF PACIFIC
Hubert M "Max" Lanier P US Army USA
John Y "Johnny" Lanning P US Army  
Paul E LaPalme P US Army  
Andrew "Andy" Lapihuska P US Army ETO
Raoul R "Ralph" LaPointe SS US Army USA
Harry A "Cookie" Lavagetto 3B US Navy PACIFIC
Garland F Lawing OF US Army ETO
Brooks U Lawrence P US Army  
Alfred V "Roxie" Lawson P    
Peter J "Pete" Laydon OF USAAF  
Ivoria H "Hillis" Layne 3B US Army  
Lester L "Les" Layton OF US Navy  
DeWitt W "Bevo" LeBourveau OF US Navy  
Roy E Lee P US Navy  
Wilfred H "Bill" LeFebvre P-PH US Army  
Edgar E "Ed" Leip 2B US Army MEDITERRANEAN
Robert G "Bob" Lemon P US Navy PACIFIC
Donald E "Don" Lenhardt OF US Navy ATLANTIC/PACIFIC
John J Leovich C US Coast Guard  
George E Lerchen OF US Navy  
Charlie Letchas 2B US Army  
James J "Jim" Levey SS US Army  
Edward C "Ed" Levy OF Coast Guard  
John K "Buddy" Lewis 3B-OF USAAF CBI
Robert E "Gene" Lillard IF-P    
Louis "Lou" Limmer 1B USAAF  
Lyman G Linde P USAAF  
John H "Johnny" Lindell OF-P US Army USA
Walter C "Walt" Linden C US Army  
Royce J Lint P USAAF  
John J "Johnny" Lipon SS USAAF  
Daniel W "Danny" Litwhiler OF US Army USA
Everett A "Buddy" Lively P US Army ETO
Wesley A "Wes" Livengood P US Navy PACIFIC
Thompson O "Mickey" Livingston C US Army USA
Robert K "Bob" Loane OF US Army  
William C  "Bill" Lobe COACH US Army ETO
Carroll W "Whitey" Lockman OF Merchant Marine  
Dario A Lodigiani 3B-2B USAAF PACIFIC
John "Johnny" Logan SS US Army  
Jack W "Lucky" Lohrke 3B-2B US Army  
Victor A "Vic" Lombardi P US Navy  
Stanley E "Stan" Lopata C US Army ETO
Omar J "Turk" Lown P US Army  
Harry L "Peanuts" Lowrey OF US Army USA
Samuel J "Sam" Lowry P US Army  
Hugh M "Hal" Luby 3B US Navy  
John "Johnny" Lucadello 2B-3B US Navy PACIFIC
Ray W Lucas P US Navy USA
Edward P "Eddie" Lukon OF US Army  
Ulysses J "Tony" Lupien 1B US Navy USA
Rollin J "Joe" Lutz 1B US Marine Corps  
Jerome E "Jerry" Lynn 2B US Army ETO
Theodore "Ted" Lyons P US Marine Corps PACIFIC
Albert H "Al" Lyons P US Navy PACIFIC
Edward H "Eddie" Lyons 2B US Navy  
Herschel E "Hersh" Lyons P USAAF  
Raymond J "Ray" Mack (Mickovsky) 2B US Army  
John J Mackinson P US Army  
Max C Macon P US Army USA
Harry W MacPherson P US Navy USA
Clarence J Maddern OF US Army ETO
Edward W "Ed" Madjeski C    
Salvador "Sal" Madrid SS USAAF  
Jack Maguire OF US Army  
Arthur L "Art" Mahan 1B US Navy USA
John W "Duster" Mails P US Marine Corps  
Forrest H "Woody" Main P US Marine Corps  
Henry "Hank" Majeski 3B US Coast Guard USA
Malcolm F "Mal" Mallette P USAAF  
Leslie C "Les" Mallon 2B US Navy  
Robert P "Bob" Malloy P US Army  
Edward R "Eddie" Malone C US Navy  
Gordon R Maltzberger P US Army  
Francis O "Frank" Mancuso C US Army USA
Donald D Manno IF US Navy USA
Richard W "Dick" Manville P US Navy  
Clifford "Cliff" Mapes OF US Navy PACIFIC
Philip "Phil" Marchildon P RCAF ETO
Cleneth E "Gene" Markland 2B US Army  
Harry S "Hal" Marnie 2B US Army USA
Robert "Bob" Marquis OF US Navy  
Fred F Marsh IF US Navy  
William Henry Marshall 2B US Navy USA
Charles A Marshall C US Army  
Milo M "Max" Marshall OF US Navy USA
Willard W Marshall OF US Marine Corps PACIFIC
Barnes R Martin P US Navy  
Raymond J "Ray" Martin P USAAF ETO
Fred T Martin P US Army PACIFIC
Morris W "Morrie" Martin P US Army ETO
Stuart M "Stu" Martin 2B US Navy  
Boris M "Babe" Martin (Martinovich) OF-C US Navy USA
Walter E "Walt" Masterson P US Navy PACIFIC
Gene W Mauch 2B-SS USAAF  
Merrill G "Pinky" May 3B US Navy PACIFIC
James W "Buster" Maynard OF US Army USA
John L "Jack" Mayo OF US Marine Corps  
William G "Bill" McCahan P USAAF  
John W "Windy" McCall P US Marine Corps  
John J "Johnny" McCarthy 1B US Navy PACIFIC
Myron W "Mike" McCormick OF USAAF PACIFIC
William B "Barney" McCosky OF US Navy PACIFIC
Benjamin J "Benny" McCoy 2B US Navy USA
Clyde E McCullough C US Navy USA
Pinson L "Phil" McCullough P US Navy  
Robert "Maje" McDonnell COACH US Army ETO
Frank McElyea OF US Army  
Edward J "Eddie" McGah C US Navy PACIFIC
Daniel A "Dan" McGee SS US Navy PACIFIC
Ezra M "Pat" McGlothin P US Navy USA
Tullis E "Mickey" McGowan P US Navy PACIFIC
John J McHale 1B US Navy USA
Rogers H McKee P US Navy USA
Wayne G McLeland P US Army  
Ralph A McLeod OF US Army ETO
Soule J "Jim" McLeod 3B US Army  
Calvin C J C T "Cal" McLish P US Army ETO
Carl M McNabb 2B US Army USA
Glenn R "Red" McQuillen OF US Navy PACIFIC
Irving J "Irv" Medlinger P US Army  
Russell H "Russ" Meers P US Navy PACIFIC
Sabath A "Sam" Mele OF US Marine Corps USA
Reuben F "Rube" Melton P US Army  
Lloyd A Merriman OF US Marine Corps USA
John W "Jack" Merson 2B-3B US Army  
James V "Jim" Mertz P US Army  
William A "Bill" Metzig 2B US Army  
Lambert D "Dutch" Meyer 2B USAAF  
George F Meyer 2B US Navy USA
Russell C "Russ" Meyer P US Army USA
Edward A "Ed" Mickelson 1B USAAF USA
Richard "Dick" Midkiff P USAAF USA
Lawrence E "Larry" Miggins OF Merchant Marine  
Edward T "Eddie" Miksis 2B US Navy USA
Wilson D "Dee" Miles OF US Navy PACIFIC
Robert J "Bob" Miller P US Army PACIFIC
Ronald A "Ronnie" Miller P    
John A "Ox" Miller P US Army USA
Walter L "Wally" Millies C US Navy USA
Colonel B "Buster" Mills OF USAAF PACIFIC
Howard R "Lefty" Mills P US Army  
Albert J "Al" Milnar P US Army PACIFIC
William J "Pete" Milne OF US Navy  
Paul E Minner P US Army USA
Loren D "Dale" Mitchell OF US Army  
John R "Johnny" Mize 1B US Navy PACIFIC
John H Mohardt OF US Army  
William J "Bill" Moisan P US Army ETO
Fenton L Mole 1B USAAF  
Alex "Al" Monchak SS-2B US Army  
Rene Monteagudo P/OF US Army  
Jim I Mooney P US Navy  
Raymond L "Ray" Moore P US Army USA
Anselm W "Anse" Moore OF US Army ETO
D C "Dee" Moore C US Marine Corps PACIFIC
Terry B Moore OF US Army CANAL ZONE
Lloyd A "Whitey" Moore P US Army  
Carlos W Moore P USAAF  
William A "Cy" Moore P US Army  
Euel W Moore P US Army  
William A "Scrappy" Moore 3B USAAF  
Robert M "Bobby" Morgan IF US Army  
Edward J "Ed" Moriarty 2B US Navy USA
Willard B "Bill" Morrell P USAAF MEDITERRANEAN
Newell O "Bud" Morse 2B US Army  
Walter J "Walt" Moryn OF US Navy  
Arnold R "Arnie" Moser   US Navy  
Howard G "Howie" Moss OF US Coast Guard USA
John L "Les" Moss C Merchant Marine  
Elisha M "Bitsy" Mott IF US Navy  
Glen H Moulder P USAAF  
Maurice J  "Mo" Mozzali COACH US Navy PACIFIC
Emmett J "Heinie" Mueller 2B US Army PACIFIC
Ray C Mueller C US Army USA
William L "Bill" Mueller OF US Navy USA
Leslie C "Les" Mueller P US Army  
Joseph G "Gordie" Mueller P US Navy  
Joseph A "Joe" Muir P US Marine Corps  
Hugh N "Losing Pitcher" Mulcahy P US Army PACIFIC
Ford P "Moon" Mullen 2B US Army  
Richard C "Dick" Mulligan P USAAF USA
Patrick J "Pat" Mullin OF US Army USA
George D "Red" Munger P US Army ETO
Van Lingle Mungo P US Army  
Edward J "Ed" Murphy 1B US Army  
John J "Johnny" Murphy P US Navy  
Raymond L "Ray" Murray C USAAF  
Joseph A "Joe" Murray P US Navy  
Daniel E "Danny" Murtagh 2B US Army USA
Stanley "Stan" Musial OF US Navy PACIFIC
Bernard J "Barney" Mussill P US Army USA
Stephen "Steve" Nagy P US Navy  
Samuel R "Subway Sam" Nahem P US Army ETO
Earl E Naylor OF-P US Navy  
Robert O "Bob" Neighbors SS USAAF USA
Glenn R "Rocky" Nelson 1B US Army  
Ernest A "Ernie" Nevers P US Marine Corps PACIFIC
Floyd E Newkirk P US Army  
Maurice M "Maury" Newlin P US Naval Reserve USA
Lamar A "Skeeter" Newsome IF US Army  
Constantine G "Gus" Niarhos C US Navy USA
Roy Nichols IF US Army  
Milton R "Milt" Nielsen OF    
Jacob L "Jack" Niemes P US Navy  
Alfred J "Al" Niemiec 2B US Navy USA
Leo W "Red" Nonnenkamp OF US Navy USA
Irving A "Irv" Noren OF US Army  
Ronald J "Ron" Northey OF US Army USA
Louis A "Lou" Novikoff OF USAAF  
Frank J Oceak COACH US Navy  
Walter A Ockey (Okpych) P US Army  
Paul O'Dea OF US Army  
James D "Jim" Oglesby 1B US Army USA
Leonard J "Len" Okrie C US Navy  
Thomas N "Tom" Oliver OF US Navy PACIFIC
Vern J Olsen P US Navy PACIFIC
Bernard C "Barney" Olsen OF US Navy  
Harry M O'Neill C US Marine Corps PACIFIC
John J "Buck" O'Neill COACH US Navy PACIFIC
Frederick R "Fritz" Ostermueller P US Navy  
Joseph P "Joe" Ostrowski P USAAF  
Arnold M "Mickey" Owen C US Navy  
Paul F Owens MANAGER US Army  
Daniel L "Danny" Ozark (Orzechowski) MANAGER US Army  
Don W Padgett OF-C US Navy USA
Michael R "Mike" Palagyi P US Army  
Richard P "Mike" Palm P USAAF  
Alfred T "Al" Papai P US Army  
Clarence M "Ace" Parker SS US Navy USA
Francis J "Salty" Parker IF    
Artie W "Art" Parks OF US Army  
Melvin L "Mel" Parnell P USAAF USA
Edward D "Dixie" Parsons C US Navy  
Roy R Partee C US Army  
Stanwood W "Stan" Partenheimer P US Army  
Arthur M "Art" Passarella UMPIRE US Army USA
Robert L "Bob" Patrick OF US Army  
George W "Bill" Patton C US Army  
Gene T Patton UNKNOWN US Army  
Theodore J "Ted" Pawelek C US Marine Corps USA
Franklin T "Frank" Pearce P US Navy  
Isssac O "Ike" Pearson P US Marine Corps USA
Leslie E "Les" Peden C US Army ETO
Stephen G "Steve" Peek P US Army ETO
Homer H Peel OF US Navy USA
Edward C "Eddie" Pellagrini SS-2B US Navy PACIFIC
James E "Jim" Pendleton OF-3B    
John J Perkovich P US Army  
Harry W Perkowski P US Navy PACIFIC/ETO
Leonard J "Len" Perme P US Navy  
John M "Johnny" Pesky (Paveskovich) SS US Navy PACIFIC
William D "Bill" Peterman C US Army USA
Russel D "Rusty" Peters IF US Army  
Kent F Peterson P US Army PACIFIC
Carl F "Buddy" Peterson SS US Navy  
George E Pfister C USAAF  
Raymond W "Bill" Phebus P US Army  
David E "Dave" Philley OF US Army  
Damon R Phillips SS US Army  
Jack D Phillips 1B US Navy PACIFIC
Nicholas T "Nick" Picciuto 3B US Army  
Aloysius E "Al" Piechota P US Army  
Raymond L "Ray" Pierce P US Navy  
Jess W Pike OF US Navy  
Antone J "Andy" Pilney OF US Navy USA
Henry H "Cotton" Pippen P US Navy  
Alexander "Alex" Pitko OF US Army  
Mizell G "Whitey" Platt OF US Navy PACIFIC
Cletus E "Boots" Poffenberger P US Marine Corps PACIFIC
Hugh R Poland C US Army USA
Kenneth L "Ken" Polivka P US Navy  
Howard J "Howie" Pollett P USAAF PACIFIC
Raymond H "Ray" Poole OF US Army CANAL ZONE
David "Dave" Pope OF US Army USA
Edward J "Eddie" Popowski COACH US Army  
Richard T "Dick" Porter OF Coast Guard USA
Edwin C "Bob" Porterfield P US Army ETO
William "Barnacle Bill" Posedel P US Navy  
John S "Jack" Pramesa C US Marine Corps USA
Melvin A "Mel" Preibisch OF US Navy USA
James B "Jim" Prendergast P US Army ETO
Gerald E "Jerry" Priddy SS USAAF PACIFIC
Everett V "Pid" Purdy OF US Navy  
Frank A "Frankie" Pytlak C US Navy USA
Melvin D "Mel" Queen P US Army  
James H "Hal" Quick SS USAAF  
Wellington H "Wimpy" Quinn P US Marine Corps PACIFIC
Stephen S "Steve" Rachunok P US Army ETO
Marvin E "Marv" Rackley OF USAAF  
Raymond A "Rip" Radcliff OF US Navy USA
Kenneth D "Ken" Raffensberger P US Navy USA
Robert L "Bob" Ramazzotti IF US Army ETO
Frank R D "Ribs" Raney (Raniszewski) P US Navy  
Earl W Rapp OF US Army ETO
Joseph A "Goldie" Rapp 3B US Navy  
Victor J A "Vic" Raschi P USAAF  
George H "Buck" Redfern IF US Navy  
Ed Redys COACH US Army  
William J "Billy" Reed 2B US Army  
William E "Bill" Reeder P US Army PACIFIC
Harold H "Pee Wee" Reese SS US Navy PACIFIC
James H "Jimmie" Reese (Soloman) 2B US Army USA
Robert E "Bobby" Reeves IF US Army  
Herman C Reich OF US Army  
Earl P Reid P US Army  
Thomas E "Tommy" Reis P US Army  
Harold P "Pete" Reiser OF US Army USA
James D "Jim" Reninger P US Navy USA
William B "Bill" Renna OF US Marine Corps USA
Dino P Restelli OF US Army  
Robert J "Rocky" Rhawn IF US Army USA
John G "Gordon" Rhodes P US Army N AFRICA
John L Rice UMPIRE US Marine Corps  
Harold H "Hal" Rice OF US Army  
Woodrow E "Woody" Rich P US Marine Corps  
Donald L "Don" Richmond 3B US Army PACIFIC
Allen G "Al" Richter SS US Army  
Marvin A "Marv" Rickert OF US Coast Guard PACIFIC
Harvey D "Hank" Riebe C US Army ETO
Lewis S "Lew" Riggs 3B USAAF  
John D "Johnny" Rigney P US Navy PACIFIC
William J "Bill" Rigney 2B-3B US Coast Guard  
Culley Rikard OF US Army  
Walter F "Walt" Ripley P USAAF  
Arthur B "Tink" Riviere P US Army  
John C "Johnny" Rizzo OF US Navy USA
Philip "Phil" Rizzuto SS US Navy PACIFIC
Douglas W "Scotty" Robb UMPIRE US Navy ETO
Thomas V "Tommy" Robello 2B-3B US Navy  
J Albert A "Skippy" Roberge IF US Army ETO
Robin E Roberts P USAAF USA
Charles E "Red" Roberts IF US Army  
Sherrard A "Sherry" Robertson IF-OF US Navy PACIFIC
William E "Eddie" Robinson 1B US Navy USA
Aaron A Robinson C US Coast Guard  
John E "Jack" Robinson P US Navy USA
Jack R "Jackie" Robinson IF US Army USA
Warren G "Sheriff" Robinson COACH US Navy PACIFIC
Louis J "Lou" Rochelli 2B US Navy  
William S "Bill" Rodgers OF US Army  
Oscar F L Roettger P/1B US Army  
Stanley F "Packy" Rogers (Hazinski) IF US Navy PACIFIC
Stanley A "Stan" Rojek SS USAAF  
James K "Jim" Romano P US Navy  
Albert L "Al" Rosen 3B US Navy USA
Simon "Si" Rosenthal OF US Navy ETO
Chester J "Chet" Ross OF US Navy USA
Joe Rossi C US Army  
John H "Jack" Rothrock OF US Army USA
Lynwood T "Schoolboy" Rowe P US Navy PACIFIC
Ralph E Rowe COACH    
Carvel W "Bama" Rowell 2B US Army USA
Richard L "Dick" Rozek P US Navy  
Charles H "Red" Ruffing P USAAF USA
Robert R "Bob" Rush P US Army  
Marius U "Lefty" Russo P US Army  
Henry A "Hank" Ruszkowski C US Army  
Milton "Mickey" Rutner 3B US Army  
Cornelius J "Connie" Ryan 2B US Navy PACIFIC
John C "Blondy" Ryan IF US Navy  
Alexander "Alex" Sabo (Szabo) C US Navy N AFRICA
Thomas J "Tom" Saffell OF USAAF  
John F "Johnny" Sain P US Navy Air Corps USA
Manuel "Manny" Salvo P US Army USA
Edward W "Ed" Samcoff 2B US Marine Corps  
John F "Fred" Sanford P US Army PACIFIC
John D "Jack" Sanford 1B USAAF  
Edward R "Ed" Sanicki OF US Navy  
Francis F "Frank" Saucier OF US Navy PACIFIC
Henry J "Hank" Sauer OF US Coast Guard USA
John "Bob" Savage P US Army ETO
William N "Bill" Sayles P US Army  
Frank J "Skeeter" Scalzi IF US Navy USA
Rae W "Ray" Scarborough P US Navy USA
Harold "Hal" Schacker P US Army  
LeRoy J "Roy" Schalk 2B US Army  
George A Scharein SS US Army ETO
Robert B "Bob" Scheffing C US Navy PACIFIC
Carl A Scheib P US Army  
Michael "Mike" Schemer 1B US Army  
Henry L "Hank" Schenz 2B US Navy PACIFIC
Robert E "Bob" Scherbarth C US Navy  
George E Schmees OF US Navy  
Frederick A "Freddy" Schmidt P US Army  
John A "Johnny" Schmitz P US Navy PACIFIC
Henry A "Hank" Schmulbach   USAAF  
Albert F "Red" Schoendienst 2B US Army USA
Edward W "Wes" Schulmerich OF US Navy PACIFIC
Herman J "Ham" Schulte (Schultehenrich) 2B US Army  
Robert D "Bob" Schultz P USAAF USA
William M  "Mike" Schultz P US Army  
Harold H "Hal" Schumacher P US Navy PACIFIC
Ralph R "Blackie" Schwamb P US Navy  
Kenneth E "Ken" Sears C US Navy PACIFIC
George A Selkirk OF US Navy  
Theodore W "Ted" Sepkowski (Sczepkowski) OF-3B US Coast Guard  
Walter A Sessi OF US Army  
Robert C "Bobby" Shantz P US Army PACIFIC
Wilmer E "Billy" Shantz C US Navy  
Francis J "Spec" Shea (O'Shea) P US Navy PACIFIC
Hollis K "Bud" Sheely C US Army  
Robert E "Bert" Shepard P USAAF ETO
Neill R Sheridan OF US Marine Corps  
James R "Jim" Shilling IF US Coast Guard  
Milburn J "Milt" Shoffner P USAAF ETO
Edward C "Eddie" Shokes 1B US Navy PACIFIC
Raymond E "Ray" Shore P USAAF  
David O "Dave" Short OF USAAF  
Clyde M Shoun P US Navy PACIFIC
Charles A R "Charlie" Silvera C USAAF PACIFIC
Kenneth J "Ken" Silvestri C US Army USA
Albert "Al" Sima P US Navy  
John E Simmons OF US Marine Corps PACIFIC
Harry L Simpson OF/1B US Army  
Frederic W "Fred" Sington OF US Navy USA
Richard A "Dick" Sisler 1B-OF US Navy USA
Sebastian D "Sibby" Sisti 2B-SS US Coast Guard  
Peter "Pete" Sivess P US Navy ETO
Enos "Country" Slaughter OF USAAF PACIFIC
Louis M "Lou" Sleater P US Navy USA
Bruce A Sloan OF US Army  
Dwain C "Lefty" Sloat P US Army  
Roy F Smalley SS US Navy USA
Joseph P "Joe" Smaza OF US Navy  
Vincent A "Vinnie" Smith C/UMPIRE US Navy PACIFIC
Edgar "Eddie" Smith P US Army MEDITERRANEAN
John M Smith 1B    
Edwin D "Duke" Snider OF US Navy PACIFIC
Albert Henry "Hank" Soar UMPIRE US Army USA
William D "Bill" Sommers 3B-2B US Army  
Victor G "Vic" Sorrell P US Navy  
Stephen "Steve" Souchock 1B-OF US Army ETO
Warren E Spahn P US Army ETO
Stanley O "Stan" Spence OF US Navy USA
Glenn Edward Spencer P US Navy USA
Robert O "Bob" Spicer P US Army  
Homer F Spragins P USAAF  
Edward J "Ebba" St Claire C US Army  
Gerald L "Jerry" Staley P US Army PACIFIC
Thomas V "Virgil" Stallcup SS US Navy  
George W Staller OF US Marine Corps PACIFIC
Charles "Charley" Stanceu P US Army  
Richard E "Dick" Starr P US Army  
Henry J "Hank" Steinbacher OF US Army  
Bryan M Stephens P US Army  
Joseph C "Joe" Stephenson C US Army  
Charles A "Chuck" Stevens 1B USAAF PACIFIC
Edward P "Bud" Stewart OF US Army  
Lee E Stine P US Navy  
Raymond T "Ray" Stoviak OF US Navy USA
Alan C Strange SS US Army  
George B Strickland IF US Navy  
Louis B "Lou" Stringer 2B USAAF USA
Paul H Stuffel P US Army  
Robert H "Bobby" Sturgeon SS US Navy  
John P J "Johnny" Sturm 1B US Army USA
Charles M "Charley" Suche P US Army  
James J "Jim" Suchecki P US Navy  
Peter "Pete" Suder 2B US Army  
William J, Jr "Billy" Sullivan C US Navy USA
John P Sullivan SS US Army PACIFIC
Stephen R "Steve" Sundra P US Army USA
Matthew C "Max" Surkont P US Navy PACIFIC
Charles I "Butch" Sutcliffe C US Army  
Howard A "Dizzy" Sutherland P US Army MEDITERRANEAN
Oadis V "Oad" Swigart P US Army  
James R "Jim" Tabor 3B US Army  
Leroy E Talcott P US Navy  
Vitautis C "Vito" Tamulis P USAAF USA
Elvin W "El" Tappe C US Navy  
Alvin W "Al" Tate P US Army  
V T "Tommy" Tatum OF USAAF  
Fred J Tauby (Taubensee) OF US Navy USA
James H "Harry" Taylor P US Navy  
Edward J "Ed" Taylor 3B-SS US Navy  
Frederick R "Fred" Taylor 1B USAAF  
George R "Birdie" Tebbetts C USAAF PACIFIC
Richard L Teed UNKNOWN US Marine Corps  
Joseph J "Joe" Tepsic OF US Marine Corps PACIFIC
Willard W "Wayne" Terwilliger 2B US Marine Corps PACIFIC
Leo R Thomas IF US Navy  
Jon S "Jocko" Thompson P US Army ETO
Eugene E "Junior" Thompson P US Navy USA
Henry C “Hank” Thompson 2B US Navy ETO
Robert B "Bobby" Thomson OF USAAF USA
Benjamin R "Bob" Thorpe OF US Navy PACIFIC
Louis C F "Lou" Thuman P US Army ETO
Robert “Bob” Thurman OF US Navy  
Joe H Tipton C US Navy  
John P "Johnny" Tobin 3B US Navy  
William H "Hal" Toenes P USAAF  
Clifford E "Earl" Torgeson 1B US Army ETO
Louis E "Lou" Tost P US Navy PACIFIC
Stephen J "Red" Tramback OF US Navy PACIFIC
Cecil H Travis SS-3B US Army ETO
Frank A Trechock SS US Army  
Nicholas J "Nick" Tremark OF US Navy USA
Kenneth W "Ken" Trinkle P US Army ETO
Virgil O Trucks P US Navy PACIFIC
Thurman L Tucker OF US Navy USA
George E Turbeville P USAAF USA
Edward L Turchin IF US Navy USA
Thomas R "Tom" Turner C US Army  
Earl E Turner C US Army  
Robert E "Bob" Uhle P US Army  
Michael E "Mike" Ulisney C US Army  
R T "Dixie" Upright   US Army  
Thomas H "Tom" Upton SS US Navy USA
Robert R "Bob" Usher OF US Navy PACIFIC
Elmer W Valo OF US Army USA
Christian G "Chris" Van Cuyk P US Navy PACIFIC
John H "Johnny" Van Cuyk P US Army  
Maurice R Van Robays OF US Army ETO
Joseph A "Joe" Vance P US Navy  
John S "Johnny" Vander Meer P US Navy PACIFIC
Cecil P "Porter" Vaughan P US Army  
Allen F "Al" Veigel P USAAF  
Vincent "Vince" Ventura OF USAAF  
James B "Mickey" Vernon 1B US Navy PACIFIC
Clyde F Vollmer OF US Army  
Jacob F "Jake" Wade P US Navy USA
Benjamin S "Ben" Wade P US Army  
Charles T "Charlie" Wagner P US Navy PACIFIC
Harold E "Hal" Wagner C US Army  
Edward S "Eddie" Waitkus 1B US Army PACIFIC
Richard C "Dick" Wakefield OF US Navy Air Corps PACIFIC
Edwin J "Ed" Walczak 2B US Army  
Harry W Walker OF US Army ETO
Harvey W "Hub" Walker OF US Navy USA
James E "Jim" Walkup P USAAF  
James H "Lefty" Wallace P US Army  
John "Jack" Wallaesa SS US Army MEDITERRANEAN
James G "Junior" Walsh P US Army  
Joseph P "Joe" Walsh SS US Navy  
Lonnie "Lon" Warneke P US Army  
Bennie L Warren C US Navy USA
Thomas G "Tommy" Warren P US Navy N AFRICA
Harold "Hal" Weafer UMPIRE US Navy  
Kenneth A "Ken" Weafer P US Navy  
Cyril R "Roy" Weatherly OF US Army  
Montie "Monte" Weaver P USAAF ETO
Samuel H "Red" Webb P Coast Guard  
Ralph R "Wig" Weigel C US Coast Guard USA
Richard H "Dick" Weik P US Navy  
Edwin N "Ed" Weiland P US Navy PACIFIC
William F "Roy" Weir P US Navy  
John L "Johnny" Welaj OF US Army  
Leo D Wells SS-3B US Coast Guard PACIFIC
Charles W "Butch" Wensloff P US Army  
William G "Bill" Werle P US Army  
Victor W "Vic" Wertz OF US Army PACIFIC
Richard T "Dick" West C US Navy PACIFIC
Samuel F "Sam" West OF US Army  
Waldon T "Wally" Westlake OF Coast Guard  
Wesley N "Wes" Westrum C US Army USA
Donald W "Don" Wheeler C US Army  
Ernest D "Ernie" White P US Army ETO
Harold G "Hal" White P US Navy PACIFIC
Albert E "Fuzz" White OF US Army USA
Donald W "Don" White OF US Navy  
Burgess U "Whitey" Whitehead 2B USAAF  
Dick C Whitman OF US Army ETO
Walter F "Frank" Whitman SS US Army  
William R "Bill" Wight P US Navy USA
Delbert Q "Del" Wilber C USAAF USA
James H "Hoyt" Wilhelm P US Army ETO
Aldon J "Lefty" Wilkie P US Army ETO
Robert F "Ace" Williams P US Navy USA
Theodore S "Ted" Williams OF US Navy/US Marine Corps PACIFIC
Edwin D "Dib" Williams IF US Army  
Vernon S "Whitey" Wilshere P US Navy  
Max Wilson P US Navy PACIFIC
George W Wilson OF US Army ETO
Grady H Wilson SS US Army  
Walter W "Walt" Wilson P US Army  
Lester W "Les" Wilson OF USAAF  
John T "Tom" Winsett OF USAAF PACIFIC
Francis M "Whitey" Wistert P US Navy  
Nicholas J "Mickey" Witek 2B US Coast Guard USA
Jerome C "Jerry" Witte 1B US Army  
Joseph F "Joe" Wood P US Navy  
Kenneth L "Ken" Wood OF US Coast Guard  
Eugene R "Gene" Woodling OF US Navy PACIFIC
Taft S "Taffy" Wright OF USAAF PACIFIC
Albert E "Al" Wright 2B US Navy  
Forrest G "Glenn" Wright SS US Navy USA
Frank J Wurm P US Army  
Early Wynn P US Army PACIFIC
John B "Johnny" Wyrostek OF US Army ETO
George E Yankowski C US Army  
Waldo W "Rusty" Yarnall P US Navy  
Raymond A A "Ray" Yochim P US Marine Corps PACIFIC
Anthony B "Tony" York IF US Army  
Edward F J "Eddie" Yost 3B US Navy USA
Norman R "Babe" Young 1B US Coast Guard  
Ralph S Young 2B US Navy  
Floyd E "Eddie" Yount OF US Army  
John E "Eddie" Yuhas P US Army ETO
Salvador A "Sal" Yvars C USAAF  
Adrian Zabala P Cuban Army  
Frank T "Frankie" Zak SS US Army  
Allen L "Al" Zarilla OF US Army USA
Gus E Zernial OF US Navy  
Benedict J "Benny" Zientara 2B US Army ETO
George Zuverink P USAAF PACIFIC


 Last updated March 9, 2008

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Thanks to Ken Sulik for help with updating this list.

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