The Naming Authority Italiana

(Versione Italiana)

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Please note: the English version is provided for your convinience.
The Official version is the Italian one - Always check it for the latest updates.

General Information

The main institutional task of the Naming Authority Italiana consists in establishing the Rules and Procedures which are used to assign domain names in Italy (ccTLD "it").

On the other hand, the task of assigning domain names in Italy belongs to the Registration Authority Italiana, which operates unde the Rules and Procedures established by the Naming Authority.

The releationship between the Naming Authority and the Registration Authority is defined by a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) under the auspices of the Ministero delle Comunicazioni. The MoU is integral part of the Naming Rules currently on duty.

In the following sections you will find further detailed information about this topic.

The Rules and Procedures

In this section you can find the official text of the Rules and Procedures which governs the domain name registration in Italy (ccTLD "it").

Inside these documents you can also find the exact description on how to proceed in order to challenge a domain registration. Currently you can use the Arbitration Procedure and the Transfer Procedure.

The Official Version of the documents is the Italian text version, whereas the documents in other formats or languages are made available just to make easier their consultation.

Dispute Resolution Bodies

In this sections you can find the list of the extenal bodies which are authorised by the Naming Authority to run the Arbitration Procedure or the Transfer Procedure.

Inside you can also find the resolutions issued by these bodies relative to the cases solved by them.

The Documents Archive

Other Userful Informarion