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DDR:uk Games Donation Drive 2006
Last update: 28th August 2006 @ 10.49 GMT

Important updates
The police arrived tonight and took a quick look at what had happened. I have now been assigned a crime reference number and I will be checking with them to see if I can make this public so that anyone with any information can use this number. --Updates here as they happen.

Unfortunate event

To the Community

It is our unfortunate duty to announce that, on the night of the 18th of August, DDR UK's equipment store was broken into and burglarised.

All the boxes of consoles and games, including bags of electrical equipment were stolen - effectively the entire gaming arsenal of DDR:uk, short of the DDR machine itself.

Below, we include an approximate list of what was taken, but before we get onto that we would like to make a plea for information to aid us in tracking down the equipment. We know this is a shot in the dark, but if anyone knows anything we are willing to put a reward to anyone who can provide information leading to the reclamation of the gear. If you do know anything, please contact us or Kingston upon Thames Police Station.

The amount of games, consoles and other equipment that was stolen is too vast to list in its entirety, but this summary should give you an idea how badly we have been affected:

Over 100 console games for a variety of consoles – many of them classics for consoles that have long been out of production. They include, but obviously are not limited to, the Dancing Stage games, a near complete collection of Beatmania for Japanese PS1, Pop’n’Music 9 through 12 for Japanese PS2, and naturally all of our DDR games across the gamut of gaming platforms.

The stolen consoles included: three Sega Mega Drives, a Mega CD, a 32x add on for the Mega Drive, a Sega Saturn, a Dreamcast, a Playstation, two English PS2s, a Japanese PS2, an Xbox, a Nintendo DS and a PSP – the entire DDR:uk console collection.

They also took the wires, memory cards, save games and controllers including the specialist controllers for games like Guitar Hero. Also stolen were the 24" LCD monitor, the colour laser printer, all of DDR:uk’s Hi-Fi and sound equipment, one of the dance mats and several boxes of computer parts.

Ultimately, the value of the stolen goods comes to some £25,000 – this has severely crippled us, both in terms of equipment and finance. DDR:uk has been left unable to do any events in the future. We do not know whether the culprits will be caught, and even if they are it is uncertain whether or not we will retrieve our stolen equipment. So here comes our second request.

If you have anything you can spare - unwanted games, unused consoles, old controllers, spare wires – anything whatsoever, we humbly ask that you consider donating it to our cause. DDR:uk has spent several years bringing classic videogames and first-class gaming entertainment to festival, convention and Expo attendees across the country, and we do not want this crime to stop us providing that service! We would so incredibly grateful for anything you could donate!

Thank you all for your help.

The DDR:uk Team

Other sites reporting (Thanks!)
If I have missed any or you would like to be added to this list, please send me a comment below.

  • AmeCon
  • Auchinawa
  • Eye On Anime - Forum Post
  • Otaku News - Story link
  • Studio Morning Star - Forum Post
  • The J-Fan - News post
  • aNIme - News post
  • Animetion - News list
  • Sweatdrop - Forum post
  • Gamiko - Forum post
  • Addicted Geek - News post
  • Kotaku - News post
  • PC Gamer - Forum link
  • Surrey Comet (Newspaper) - Online link
  • ADV Films - News link
  • West Country Anime - Forum link
  • SUIE DDR - Forum link

  • Updates
  • 28th August 2006 @ 10.49 GMT: Added list of items for consoles stolen.
  • 28th August 2006 @ 09.37 GMT: Updated the wishlist with items recieved.
  • 28th August 2006 @ 09.27 GMT: Added revision one of the stolen consoles
  • 21st August 2006 @ 23.45 GMT: Police have taken their first look at the crime scene, reference number given
  • 21st August 2006 @ 11.40 GMT: Added list of stolen trading cards
  • 20th August 2006 @ 18.47 GMT: Added list Wishlist
  • 20th August 2006 @ 15.52 GMT: Added list of stolen manga
  • 20th August 2006 @ 14.55 GMT: Added list of stolen games
  • 20th August 2006: Created the page and open letter to the communities

  • Missing equipment
    Currently we are collecting a list of equipment that was taken... I shall put this online for people to look at shortly.

  • List of all the console games that were taken
  • List of the stolen manga + cost (submitted by Aqua)
  • List of Trading Cards and Packs that were stolen (owned by Macula)
  • List of stolen consoles (rev. 1)
  • List of stolen console items (rev. 1)

  • Ways to donate
    Most people will end up using this as this is great for international donations.
    Dedicated more towards the UK and Europe areas as this accepts more known UK style cards.
    Well we can accept other forms of donations in Pound Stirling Only.
    Postal Orders
    Anything else
    If you wish to post something to us, you can request the address for items to be sent to by emailing the address below.
    colin {at} faereal {dot} net
    or by using the comment form below.
    Amazon Wish List
    For anyone wondering, I stuck up a wish list, I know I am being a little cheeky, but I thought it would be an idea after a few people mentioned it.
    View the Wish List

    Thanks and donations recieved so far.

    Please note if you want your name removed, edited or I have done something wrong, please use the comment form below to contact me.

  • AndyboyH - £50.00
  • Atheistium - New PS2 Memory card (even though she lost stuff too!)
  • Laura Watton - £15.00
  • Kira Kira - £20.00
  • Paul Cosgrove - £15.00
  • Leita - £40.00
  • Mosey - £20.00
  • Andrew Sharp - £10.00
  • Sonia Kum Yuen Leong - £20.00
  • Colin Palin - £20.00
  • Jacob Staines - £50.00
  • Jocelyn Uy - £16.00
  • Cin - £50.00
  • Melanie Brown - £50.00
  • Chris Scown - £30.00
  • TeamRagnarok - £5.00
  • AndyboyH - Singstar Rocks, Singstar Party
  • BtHvnVrs - Dancing Stage Euromix (PS1), Dancing Stage Party Edition (PS1), Dancing Stage Fever (PS1), Dance Dance Revolution GB Oha Ska! (Gameboy)
  • Vaughan Yabsley - £12.90
  • Hoe Kit Lim - £25.00
  • Samuel Kenney - £40.00
  • SAS - Nintendo 64 (Pokemon), Dreamcast, PSone, Playstation 2 (UK) First Edition, Dreamcast Games, Money, Fixed my car, offered to help fix the dance machine!
  • Kody, Glasgow Anime, and Space Prizon - £117.50
  • James Walters - £20.00
  • Kody - £160.00

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