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Winter on Kamchatka

Igor is now holed up in a snowy cabin in the Kronotsky Nature Reserve on Kamchatka. Hibernating with the bears, so to speak. He has befriended a fox and a sable. He sends regular reports from the field, and we will soon upload his new images. In the meantime, here is a look at his shots from late fall and early winter on Kamchatka. Enjoy!



KR_L_F_017 KR_L_M_086 KR_L_M_087 KR_L_M_090
RP_V_017 WL_M_048 WL_M_051 WL_M_053
WL_B_SS_006 WL_B_SS_007 WL_B_SS_004 WL_B_SS_013