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BCS Fan Poll National Champion: LSU
Tuesday, 15 January 2008

The first season of voting has come to a close and the fans select LSU as their national champion with 18 of the 24 first place votes. USC is second with 2 first place votes, Georgia third with 1 first place vote and Kansas fourth with 3 first place votes. We ended the season with 25 official pollsters casting a ballot and 28 total votes. Pre-season voting begins on May 1 and continues until the week before next season in August.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this season such a huge success beyond my dreams when starting this website. However, two users helped me out immensely and the site would not be where it is today without their help: hardcoreute and Brandon. Thank you two very much. 

The forums are always open, so come by and have some conversation about college football during the dog days of the off-season and talk how what teams are getting better or worse. As always, if you have any suggestions for improvements, let me know by any means you want. Many suggestions from users of the site have already been implemented. Improvements planned for next season: New site design, voting groups (useful for other websites to come here and vote, but also team specific voting) and new voting system.

Week 14 unofficial BCS Fan Poll Finalized
Tuesday, 04 December 2007

The last regular season poll is finalized. The end of the regular season and the BCS fan official voters pick: #1 LSU vs. #2 Ohio State. But there were seven (7) teams that received at least one first place vote, meaning there is no consensus pick. LSU was #1 over Ohio State by just 8 points. Please read the information about the final poll.

We added a record 5 official pollsters last week, and had a record day of hits and visitors to the website on BCS Selection Sunday. This resulted in an amazing 70 new users, nearly doubling the number of users that we had before the weekend. Welcome to all the new pollsters - both unofficially and officially!

Unfortunately, we also set a new milestone with the first application to be rejected by the community. purplepossum was rejected by 2 votes for and 8 votes against.

Official voters can participate in the Bowl Pick 'em game. Information is inside in the Official Pollster only forum area.

Voting for the rest of the season information
Monday, 03 December 2007

Here is how the rest of the season will work out voting wise. Week 14 voting, which is currently going on, will conclude on December 3rd. We will then have 1 more poll voting period for the week after the National Championship game, January 8th - 14th for all official and non-official pollsters to submit their polls. Nothing else changes other than the voting period: Honor challenges are still possible and official pollsters must vote to maintain their status. This will count as a week for non-official pollsters towards their three-week probation period.

All non-official pollsters that submit a ballot in the 2007 season will be held to the three-week probationary period. All new pollsters that begin with the 2008 season will have to have four weeks of probationary voting before being elgible for applying to become an official pollster. 

The #1 ranked team, as determined by the official pollsters when the voting period closes on January 14th will be crowned the BCS Fan Poll 2007 inaugual season National Champions.

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Unofficial BCS Fan Poll (and others) believes that the fans should be involved in deciding what teams are crowned national champions and given a chance for the top bowls. Why are only the head coaches, 6 computers, the random people involved with the Harris Poll and selected sports journalists allowed to make this selection? There are several million fans that can and should be allowed to participate in the BCS Rankings.

With head coaches that vote like this, giving their former teams a very undeserving 25th place vote, how serious do they take this? Would YOU vote Duke #25? Would you vote for any game on a 20-game losing streak? Still think coaches aren't biased?


  1. Vote honorably.
    1. All newcomers must serve a minimum of 4 weeks in provisional status.*
    2. Once the 4 week period has passed, they must submit to become official where their 4-week voting period (or more) will be reviewed. If deemed honorable, they are then granted official pollster status.
    3. Any dishonorable vote is grounds to have all previous votes removed and placed back in provisional status.**
  2. Vote regularly.
    1. You must vote in the pre-season through the final champion poll.
    2. Miss just one week and you are back to provisional status for the rest of the season.


  • * One-time exception was granted for users who registered prior to or during the 2007 season.
  • ** Errors realized after the voting has closed but before any dishonorable vote claim will be corrected and forgiven unless routine.
  • All polls are public at all times.
  • Put your bias aside. Seriously. (Vote Honorably).
  • We will always be free.

Each individual ballot from an Official Pollster is combined in the same manner as the Coaches, AP, and Harris Poll. Each first place vote receives 25 points, each second place vote received 24 points, third place received 23 points and so forth, until the 25th place team gets 1 point. The points are combined and the team with the most points is #1, second most number of points is number 2 and so forth. After the end of the voting period, and a reasonable amount of time to weed out any bad votes, the poll becomes official. You may also see the total votes involving the probationary voters that are not counted in the official poll.

How to use:

  • Goto the forums and register, if needed.
  • Vote, when the voting booth is open (Sundays and Mondays).
  • Comply with the rules (always).
  • Spread the word! (thanks)
  • We will always be free.


Want to help out with the concept? Post up, spread the word! Techy web people are also needed. Inquire within in the forums.