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Switchfoot Featured in A Walk To Remember
posted 01/21/02

SwitchfootSparrow Records rock group Switchfoot have made a significant musical contribution to Warner Bros. Pictures and Pandora's movie A Walk To Remember starring Shane West (Once & Again) and pop sensation Mandy Moore.

The movie, slated to hit theatres on January 25, 2002, will feature four songs by Switchfoot, including "Dare You To Move" and "Learning To Breathe" from their most recent release Learning To Breathe, "Only Hope" from New Way To Be Human, and "You" from The Legend of Chin. The soundtrack will also include a special version of "Only Hope" recorded by Mandy Moore, and a duet with Switchfoot frontman Jon Foreman and Mandy Moore singing "Someday We'll Know" originally recorded by The New Radicals.

"Switchfoot have, by far, become my favorite new band over the past year," states Mandy Moore. "I have spent the last 12 months learning about them and their music, listening non-stop to every one of their albums and I can never get enough! The songs are so meaningful, beautiful and straight from the heart. I know I'm a bit of a late-comer, but I am convinced this band is going to be huge and there are no four guys that are more deserving of success than them. Thank you guys so much for playing such an integral part in my first major motion picture, A Walk To Remember."

Switchfoot's involvement with A Walk To Remember can be traced back to a college friend who now works for Mandy Moore's manager, Jon Leshay, at Storefront Entertainment. Their friend played the band's music for Leshay, who also serves as musical supervisor for A Walk To Remember, and who instantly wanted Switchfoot's music to be a part of the movie. After contacting EMI publishing, Leshay met with the band and made Switchfoot's music a vital ingredient on the soundtrack. In addition to their involvement with the movie, Jon Leshay also became Switchfoot's manager.

Garnering numerous awards and accolades, including a 2001 Grammy nomination for Rock Gospel Album of the Year (Learning To Breathe), Switchfoot first received critical acclaim for their debut release The Legend of Chin, which was recognized with an ASCAP award for Best New Artist at the San Diego Music Awards. Their sophomore album New Way To Be Human broke ground on the television circuit with songs featured on "Dawson's Creek," "Party of Five," "Popular," "Jack and Jill," "Time of Your Life," and "Felicity". Other awards include a 1999 Dove Award for Best Modern Rock Song (New Way To Be Human), four additional Dove Award Nominations, and three nominations for the ASCAP San Diego Music Awards. Jon Foreman, frontman and guitarist for the group, was awarded the "Les Paul Horizon Award" at the annual Orville H. Gibson Guitar Awards in Los Angeles in 2001.

For more information on Switchfoot, check out our artist page for the band, or visit their website at www.switchfoot.com or www.sparrowrecords.com.

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