APPENDIX: Oath of Protestation February 1642 [from Appleby Parish Registers]


[Signatories:]       Sr Will Joanes, Knight, Tho Mould Rector,

Abraham Mould, John Rolet, Charles Moore, Will Proudman, Rich. Walker,

Edward Heifeild, John Mould, Joseph Grundy, Tho Holding, Peeter Wright,

Ralph Proudman, John Petcher, John Shilkton, John Heifeild, John Voton,

Rich. Mould, John Frisbie, Will. Stoks, John Hunt, John Pratt,

Will. Holding, Tho. Wilson, John Erpe, Will. Robinson, Tho. Swane,

Tho. Prat, Tho. Mould, Henry Erpe, Henry Mould, Edward Bull,

Tho. Spencer, Aldridg Orton, Will. Stanton, Abraham Shilkton, John Wright,

Will. Smith, Will. Heiward, John Cooper, Roland Streton, Charles Mosely,

Ralph Heiffeild, Will. Smith, Will. Smith, Tho. Mosely, Joseph Jordaine,

Edward Caton, Rich. Proudman, Robert Feilding, Tho. Hartill, James Crosland,

John Proudman, Will Heifeild, Edward Moore, Will. Frisbie, Tho. Wilson,

Peeter Petcher, Henry Cooper, Will. Foster, John Ashmoore, David Walker,

Job Shilkton, Abraham Tabernor, Henry Baker, Abraham Foster, Isack Shilkton,

Will. Frisbie iu [jun], Mathew Swane, Charles Wright, John Muchell, Rich. Wathew,

Rich. Erpe, Will. Wilson, Rich.Wright, John Petcher, Tho. Heifeild,

Tho Mould, Henry Tayler, John Durdane, Joseph Mould, John Wilson,

John Clearke, John Wathew, Tho. Mould, Tho. Petcher, Abraham Ours,

John Mould, Henry Durdane, John Swane, Sammuel Stretton, Francis Berry,

Will. Prat, John Smith, Will. Tomson, George Choyce, Tho. Smalewood,

John Foster, Will. Smalewood, Abraham Foster, Tho Petcher, Joseph Baker,

Tho Brodebent, Will. Bull, Will. Heifeild, Roger Tayler, Tho. Foster,

Will. Foster, Luis? Walker, Will. Stanton, John Pratt, Nicolis Mould,

Abraham Shilkton, Tho Tayler, Francis Parker, George Hackit, Charles Walker,

Charles Moore, Richard Shilton, Matthew Swane, Sen:, Elizab. Tarleton, Matthew Prat,

Will. Petcher, Rich. Colton, Will. Tabourner, Sammuel Foster, Tho. Foster,

Will. Flalie, John Prat, John Ours, Robert Hayward, Tho. Heifeild,

Robert Wilson, Tho. Taborner, Robert Wilcox, Hen. Baker, Ju., Edward Walker,

Rich. Stretton, Abraham Crosland, Tho. Wilson, Rich. Mould, Nicolis Wright,

Robert Woods, George Dane


The propestation made by ye house of Parliamt  to be taken of every one fro the age of 16 years & upwards  Ano Dom: 1641 Feb. 27. [1642 modern calendar]


I A.B. doe in the prescence of Almighty God, promise, vow & profess to mainetaine and defend, as farre as lawfully I may wth my life, power, and estate, the true reformed protestant religion expressed in the doctrine of the Church of England against all popery and popish innovations within this Rhealme contrary to the same doctrine, And according to the duty of my allegiance, his Maties Royall pson, honour and estate, As allso the power and priveledge of Parliament, The lawful rights and liberties of the subject and every person that maketh this protestation in whatsoever he shall doe in the lawfull pursuance of the same, And to my power, and as farre as lawfully I may, I will oppose, and by all good wayes and meanes endeavour to bring to Condigne punnishment, all such as shall either by force, practise, Councells, plotts, Conspiracies or otherwise, doe any thing to the Contrary of any thing in this present protestation Contained, And further, that I shall in all just and honourable wayes endeavour to preserve the union and peace betweene the three Kingdoms of England, Scotland and Ireland, And neither for hope feare, nor other respect, shall relinquish this promise, vow, and protestation.


 March the 11 betwixt 5  and 6 in the morneing. [crossed out]

February the 12 betwixt 5 and 6 in the Morneing.